The Philosophy of Lean: Lean production at work and at home

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The Philosophy of Lean: Lean production at work and at home

Автор: Andrew Stein

Текст читает Stanislav Ivanov

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The history of the application of Lean-technologies - the so-called lean manufacturing technologies - has been around for several decades.

Despite this, everywhere, especially in our country, the Lean system is perceived as an exceptionally new and not entirely applicable for European and American, and even more so Russian, realities. It is often said that only Japanese workers, accustomed to monotonous activity and obedience, are able to master work on Lean technologies: rhythmic, accurate, based on team interaction. And at the same time personally participate in the constant improvement of every process, every workplace.

As in many other techniques for the development of production and business, the concept of Lean-technologies says a lot about what needs to be done, but there is no answer to the question of how to do it. Nevertheless, with the introduction of any technique in practice, there is an urgent need to solve a variety of technical problems. On how to do this with minimal losses, and this book will tell.