Headache: How to Cure in Five Minutes

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Headache: How to Cure in Five Minutes

Автор: Dmitrij Radostin

Читает Gennadiy Zaitsev

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A book for those who are familiar with the headache. For those who come to someone regularly and at the most inopportune moment. And also for those she visits after the holidays ... This book is for those who do not have time to brew grass, but you do not want to drink tablets at all. A book for those who want to solve this problem immediately.

After getting acquainted with this book, you will discover very simple, but quick and reliable ways to get rid of a headache. Someone will even find out the real cause of the headache, and someone will part with them forever. There are no exercises in the book and there are no scientific terms. But there are very simple tricks that you can use immediately. All these techniques are tested in practice, you just need to choose the ones that are most suitable for you. You are worthy of living without pain.