Eat and Get Slim! The Book for Busy People

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Eat and Get Slim! The Book for Busy People

Автор: Karl Lanz

Читает Stanislav Ivanov

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The book "Eat and Get Slim! " is a new hit from the author of the world-famous bestseller "Eat and Get Slim! . We choose products for health »! This is a real wand-rescue tool for those who want in our fast time to keep harmony, vivacity and beauty. It's no secret that dieting is not easy, and busy people sometimes do not even have to diet. To be asleep just to satisfy hunger, and what - it's the tenth thing.

This approach to eating is fundamentally wrong. An experienced nutritionist and psychologist will tell you which express foods and dishes are recommended for those who do not have a minute free. Also we'll talk about how to choose the right cafe or restaurant that celebrities and cosmonauts eat, what diets and foods should be avoided and give many other useful tips.

Note that Karl Lanz prepared a specially adapted version of the book for Russian listeners with recipes for dishes from traditional Russian products. Be slim, eat and lose weight!