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A Macat Analysis of Aristotle's Politics

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Politics is one of the first books ever to investigate the concept of political philosophy. Written by the famous Greek thinker Aristotle in the fourth century b.c.e., it focuses on trying to understand how best to create political communities that support, serve, and improve their citizens.

Aristotle investigates a number of different areas before drawing conclusions. These include an examination of existing regimes to see which are best, a look at political theories, and even an exploration of the systems of education. He comes to the conclusion that people form political groups because they want to be better human beings. The state should therefore support them in their quest, by establishing a good constitution and making laws prudently.

Politics was the starting point for political science studies, as we know them. Not only are outcomes observed, but also the reasons behind those outcomes are examined. Aristotle’s book continues to be useful to political theorists over 2,000 years after it was written.

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