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Alice In Wonderland

1 hour


Join the CART company down the rabbit hole and across Wonderland. Adapted from the original text by Lewis Carroll, audiences of all ages can enjoy the adventures of Alice, The White Hare, The Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, and The Red Queen. This show, which was met with critical rave reviews, combines scenes from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and features a special introduction by Mary Pickford's husband, Buddy Rogers. 

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STARRING: RODDY McDOWALL as Lewis Carroll and The March Hare, SAMANTHA EGGAR as Alice, MARVIN KAPLAN as The White Rabbit, WILLIAM WINDOM as The Cheshire Cat and Tweedle Dee, PARLEY BAER as Tweedle Dum, JOHN ASTIN as The White Knight, JEANETTE NOLAN as The Queen of Hearts, NORMAN LLOYD as The King of Hearts, KATHLEEN FREEMAN as The Duchess, DON MESSICK as The Mock Turtle, ELLIOTT REID as The Mad Hatter, RALPH STORY as The Caterpillar and The Knave of Hearts, LINDA HENNING as The Doormouse and The Guinea Pig, ASHBY ADAMS as The Griffin, BOB LEGIONAIRE as The Red Knight and The Frog Footman, WITH Host BUDDY ROGERS, and Announcer WILLIAM WOODSON.

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