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A Hand To Hold

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Life is always a little easier when we have a listening ear, a compassionate heart, and A Hand to Hold.

A Hand to Hold is the tale of a young Ethiopian orphan named Adina, adopted at five years old and brought to the United States of America. Under her new parents' love and care, she blooms and tries to assimilate to her new home, but she also finds herself longing to know her biological parents, and what happened to them. As she goes through life from childhood to adulthood, Adina always feels a piece of her soul is missing.

Through an unexpected encounter with a publisher interested in her story, Adina begins to heal her past and is offered a hand to hold for her life forward.

As she did in her memoir, Evolving Through Adversity, author Seconde Nimenya once again shares with her listeners her insightful, inspiring, and uplifting stories and invites us all to look into our human condition: peel back the layers of our own complexities, trust our inner guidance, and let our souls evolve.

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