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A Secondhand Life
A Secondhand Life
A Secondhand Life
Аудиокнига8 часов

A Secondhand Life

Написано Pamela Crane

Озвучено Melanie Carey

Рейтинг: 3.5 из 5 звезд



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From USA TODAY bestselling author Pamela Crane comes a dark thriller about the monsters that hide in plain sight.

"Fans of Karin Slaughter, BA Paris, and Lisa Gardner will relish the knife-sharp prose, empowering characters, and mind-blowing twist ending of A Secondhand Life. Crane's writing is chilling in that can't-get-enough way." - Goodreads reader review

A string of murdered girls. An innocent man behind bars. A serial killer still on the hunt.

In a freak collision when she was twelve, Mia Germaine faced death along with the loss of her father. A heart transplant from a young murder victim saved Mia's life, but not without a price. Twenty years later, the scar on her chest still bothers her, while haunting nightmares about an unresolved homicide begin to plague her. Compelled by these lost memories, she forms a complicated connection to the victim—a girl killed the same night as Mia’s car accident—due to a scientific phenomenon called “organ memory.”


Now suffocating beneath the weight of avenging a dead girl and catching a serial killer on the loose dubbed the "Triangle Terror," Mia must dodge her own demons while unimaginable truths torment her—along with a killer set on making her his next victim.

As Mia tries to determine if her dreams are clues or disturbing phantasms, she's led further into danger's path, costing her the one person who can save her from herself.

ИздательTabella House Audio
Дата выпуска7 июн. 2017 г.

Pamela Crane

PAMELA CRANE is a USA TODAY bestselling author and professional juggler of four kids, a writing addiction, and a horse rescuer. She lives on the edge and writes on the edge...where her sanity resides. Her thrillers unravel flawed women who are villainous, which makes them interesting…and perfect for doing crazy things worth writing about. When she’s not cleaning horse stalls or cleaning up after her kids, she’s plotting her next murder. Join her newsletter to get a free book and updates about her new releases at www.pamelacrane.com.

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Рейтинг: 3.380952380952381 из 5 звезд

21 оценка4 отзыва

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  • Рейтинг: 2 из 5 звезд
    Interesting but I got tired of the serial killer's perspective and the annoying voice that the narrator read it in.
  • Рейтинг: 1 из 5 звезд
    The writing is gawd-awful and the plot is predictable. The narrator sounds like a 14 year-old girl wearing a retainer. The idea is cool, but was poorly executed.
  • Рейтинг: 3 из 5 звезд
    I loved the idea of this story. It is very interesting and a great concept. Overall a good read.

    1 человек считает это полезным

  • Рейтинг: 4 из 5 звезд
    Organ memory.This was a fantastic premise for a murder mystery, especially as I came across mention of the phenomenon in the news at the time that I was reading the book. It appears that donated organs can have some residual memory from their previous owner; in this case, a faint memory of the murder that finished the life of Alexis and allowed her heart to be donated to Mia Germaine.It's actually 20 years after her transplant that Mia starts to have flashbacks to the murder scene and she senses that this is not just a coincidence, but something that she feels compelled to follow up. Her investigation leads her to meet the victim's family and she teams up with Alexis's brother to investigate the murder, following Mia's clues.I was listening to a well read audio version, narrated by Melanie Carey. The only problem I did have, was that, being a female narrator, it was a while before I twigged that the murderer was a man. Mostly it is Mia who tells the story but from time to time we do get the voice of the murderer.An enjoyable read but, for me, there were just a few too may coincidences. I can't say more though, without spoilers. Even so, I definitely want to read the prequel novella, A Second Hand Lie.

    1 человек считает это полезным