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Automatic Fluency® How to Quickly Create Original Italian Sentences – Level 1: 5 Hours of Intense Italian Fluency Instruction

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Want to break free of boring drills and canned phrases and create and speak your own original sentences in Italian with phenomenal speed and ease? Say hello to Automatic Fluency® How to Quickly Create Original Italian Sentences! Here are just a few features of this fabulous program: High Frequency Vocabulary – Learn to speak the most common words and phrases that are easiest to learn and quickly understood by native Italian speakers. Fast Sentence-Building Templates – Use cookie-cutter templates that you customize to fit your own unique language needs. Degreed Educated Native Italian Speaker from Italy – Hear the authentic educated universal Italian accent and learn to create and speak original high quality Italian that will be instantly understood by native Italian speakers everywhere. Periodic Memory Technique – Automatically retain more of what you learn with this built in memory review system that is already included in the program. Learn On the Go – Even a few minute wait at a red light can give you the time to learn a new Italian sentence with this fabulous program.

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