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Smarter Next Year: The Revolutionary Science For A Smarter, Happier You

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Turn Back the Clock and Become Smarter Next Year

Memory improvement is possible: Contrary to accepted belief, you can develop and enhance your cognitive ability at any stage in life. Homo sapiens are extraordinary. Our brains are organs that can be exercised and improved just like our muscles. In Smarter Next Year Dr. David Bardsley presents the latest scientific information about brain plasticity and offers eight mind hacking tips for increasing intelligence at any age whether you are 5, 55 or 105. Your genes do not control your destiny: For many people, mild cognitive impairment is a symptom of the aging process. It may be more difficult to remember things that used to come easily to you. You may lose things often, forget names, appointments, or have "senior moments" more frequently. Reverse the trend of cognitive loss: David Bardsley noticed cognitive loss symptoms in himself years ago. His revelation came in a supermarket after an embarrassing memory lapse at checkout. In childhood, Bardsley had been misdiagnosed with intellectual disabilities and the experience changed him. What if he could take his mental health into his own hands now? In Smarter Next Year Bardsley uses the latest techniques from cognitive psychology and neuroscience to show you how reverse the trend of cognitive slow down.

In this revolutionary book, you will learn:

Which factors improve intelligence and how they can be accelerated. The underlying causes of mild cognitive impairment. What you can do TODAY to feel younger, think faster and be smarter tomorrow.

Take control and learn how to experience memory and mental improvement with Dr. Bardsley's Smarter Next Year.

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