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Adding 15 Years To Our Life, Can We? Yes! We Can!!: 1980 Medicine is "So Obsolete" Today in 2019, Manage 10 Factor, Add 15 Years To Our Life Span

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What is life span now?? In about 70 years, life span in India has jumped by 100%. Today, in 2018, 10 factors are all, that matters to add 15-30 healthy years to our life span of 65 years. We have already doubled it in past seventy years (since India became a free country) from about 30 years to about 70 years. 1980’s medicine is obsolete today though it would look like a miracle for someone who lived in 1880’s. Life span in USA today is 85 years. ‘There are 10 factors which if we manage then, we can easily achieve a healthy life for 85 years.’

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