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The Wife

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The Wife

Автор: S. Doyle

Текст читает Loretta Rawlins и Alexander Cendese

Длина: 4 ч



I married Jake Talley when I was sixteen because I was an orphan left with a cattle ranch to run, and getting hitched was the only way to keep me out of a foster home. It was supposed to be easy; a marriage of convenience. Only I'm not a kid anymore and my husband is the hottest guy in Riverbend, Montana. The plan was to get divorced when I turned eighteen but life got in the way. Life, my feelings . . . the kiss. Did I mention the kiss?

Only now he won't let himself touch me. The right thing to do would be to divorce Jake and set him free. Neither of us had a choice in this marriage.

But I can't help wonder, what would it be like to be Jake's wife?


Our marriage was never real. Only walking away wasn't as easy as I'd thought. Ellie still needs me. And maybe I don't want to go? I kissed her when I shouldn't have. All the more reason for me to leave. I know I can't have her. Because Ellie isn't really my wife.

Contains mature themes.