The Soul Good or Evil (Russian Edition)

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The Soul Good or Evil (Russian Edition)

Автор: L. Ron Hubbard

Читает Multiple Narrators

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The Soul: Good or Evil? - Russian Edition

"Let’s say that the soul is life, is the spirit, is the

thinkingness, is the awareness or any such term

which communicates to you the meaning of life and

vitality." — L. Ron Hubbard

It has been bought and sold in a thousand

dramas. It has been preached about

from every pulpit—debated, contested,

condemned and exalted. And with no means to

accurately measure or quantify it, the physical sciences

either ignored it or denied its very existence.

The human soul.

Here, then, is a discovery all the more remarkable

for being grounded not merely on faith and belief, but

on proofs as irrefutable as any in science. Using the

most exact tools of thought to isolate the most inexactly

understood aspect of a human being, Ron established

that there is, indeed, a soul. Moreover, the knowledge of

its nature and characteristics finally resolves the age?old

question of good and evil, not only in regard to a future

life, but with immediate application in the here and now.

For with the answer to the greatest of all mysteries has

come an entirely new understanding and, with that,

the means to raise one’s ability to play the game

called “life.”