The Machinery of the Mind (Russian Edition)

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The Machinery of the Mind (Russian Edition)

Автор: L. Ron Hubbard

Читает Multiple Narrators

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The Machinery of the Mind - Russian Edition

"If you were going to put some life back into the society, if you were to put

the society back together again so that it did have some wish to survive,

if you were going to make life a little bit better, really all you’d have to do

would be to put Man a little more in control of his actions and reactions."

— L. Ron Hubbard

Everyone performs certain routine tasks automatically. Driving a car

would be awkward indeed if one had to think newly of every tiny

procedure. But what happens when someone puts a whole field of

thought and action “on automatic”? His education, for example? Or his work?

Or even his entire life?

The answers are here and they open a completely new perspective on the mind.

To the degree an individual has withdrawn from participation in an area of life,

he substitutes an automatic mental mechanism for himself. Here, then, are these

mental mechanisms and exactly how they undermine an individual’s power of

decision. Toward returning him that power, Ron details how they can be recognized

in a person’s thoughts, acts and conversation, and thus detected in both oneself and

others. And that is a crucial ability. For just as a real machine can spring free of its

operator and start running out of control, so can mental mechanisms. When that

happens—beware! For, by controlling entire behavior patterns, the “machines”

can actually deprive an individual of the ability to think and act for himself,

without his even suspecting it.

Fortunately, there is a remedy and it lies in what Ron calls “the very

central pin of existence,” which every living being possesses and no mental

mechanism can withstand. Thus one can gain control of the machinery of

the mind and, by so doing, actually take charge of one’s own life.