The History of Clearing (Russian Edition)

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The History of Clearing (Russian Edition)

Автор: L. Ron Hubbard

Читает Multiple Narrators

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History of Clearing - Russian Edition

"Our route was the accomplishment of an observation platform from

which a man could observe and from these observations make up

his own mind. And that observation platform is what we call Clear."

— L. Ron Hubbard

Here is a story that begins with Ron’s immersion in a deeply

spiritual, deeply traditional Asia, where he met and

befriended—among other savants—the last of the great

magicians whose predecessors served in the court of Mongol emperor

Kublai Khan. Yet notwithstanding the feats that testified to remarkable

powers, here was a land where wisdom was deemed sacred—so sacred, in

fact, these Oriental holy men declined to use their considerable abilities

to solve the real and urgent problems of living. Thereafter returning to

the United States, Ron encountered Western academia, representing a

wholly dissimilar but, in a distinctly contrasting way, equally impractical

world. Dominated by physical scientists and concentrated exclusively on

the interaction of matter, energy and space, it was a world where the spirit

formed no part of the equation.

Realizing the answers lay in neither of these irreconcilable schools, Ron

embarked on the perilous quest for a way to free the individual from the

barriers that deny him happiness. And in recognizing that Man is both

a spiritual and a material being, he arrived at the breakthrough discovery

from which all else followed. As he recounts the successive milestones

along his path of research, what emerges is the monumental scope of

an extraordinary victory—one that benefits all Mankind.

Here, then, is the record of that victory and the historic

achievement of a state never before known in this universe—a

state called Clear.