A Postulate Out of a Golden Age (Russian Edition)

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A Postulate Out of a Golden Age (Russian Edition)

Автор: L. Ron Hubbard

Читает Multiple Narrators

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A Postulate Out of a Golden Age - Russian Edition

Tyrannies are sown at times when nobody is very watchful,

where everybody has a full stomach, where everything is calm,

nothing much appears on the surface. And then tyrannies show

up and become very obvious when individuals, growing a little

hungrier, a little less possessed of production, suddenly notice

that there is somebody saying they mustn’t talk, somebody saying

they mustn’t have opinions. — L. Ron Hubbard

To overcome tyranny is to win freedom as a people, a

nation or even Mankind. Yet to benefit fully from their

liberties, each man and woman must also be free—as


In regard to freedom as a nation, here is the remarkable story of how

one man, the Athenian statesman Pericles, envisioned a better future

for Mankind—a future free from tyranny. Thus developed a principle

at the heart of modern civilization—specifically, that the individual

citizen has a right to his own opinions, a right to be heard and a right

to know and participate in government. Moreover, as new tyrannies

emerge to threaten those rights, here is a crucial message for our times

and all times.

Then again, toward the full attainment of that better future, here

also is Ron’s personal story of how he kept his discoveries about

the human mind out of the harness of a modern tyranny. And, in

consequence, how individuals today can achieve a level of personal

freedom never before possible.