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Project Class President

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Project Class President

Автор: Alyssa Milano и Debbie Rigaud

Текст читает Alyssa Milano

Длина: 3 ч


In the third book in Alyssa Milano’s funny and relatable middle-grade series, Hope is running for sixth grade class president, with
her friend and campaign manager, Grace, by her side. But in her effort to win over her classmates, Hope makes some promises
she can't keep. Can Hope make things right with the students of JFK Middle -- and maybe still win the election, too?
Hope's relatability, kindness, empathy, and can-do attitude will inspire a generation of do-gooders. This series is a response to the
very palpable feeling that not only can young people save the world -- they will!
This story will tie in perfectly to the 2020 presidential election and include Hope’s tips about voting and elections in the back of the