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The February 28 Audiozine Issue
The February 28 Audiozine Issue
The February 28 Audiozine Issue
Аудиокнига41 минута

The February 28 Audiozine Issue

Написано People

Озвучено Fiona Dorn

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Welcome to the February 28th, 2022, issue of PEOPLE, where we bring you the inside scoop on today’s hottest celebrities, true crime and remember the stars we've lost.

In this audio edition, Rihanna gets ready for her baby and Adele sparks engagement rumors; Anderson Cooper welcomes baby No. 2 and we celebrate Wayne's World turning 30! Plus: enduring superstar Donny Osmond opens up about weathering crippling anxiety, career setbacks and near-bankruptcy on his journey from "puppy love" to forever love with his wife of 44 years.

Then, in true crime news, Kara Robinson Chamberlain escaped a serial killer, then helped catch him. At 15, she was abducted and raped by a predator who had murdered three girls. But she saved herself and ended his killing spree. Now she gives assault survivors hope.

And finally, we remember those we've recently lost: Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman and beloved comedian Bob Saget—and the new questions raised from the shocking autopsy report detailing the Full House actor's cause of death.

Дата выпуска3 мар. 2022 г.
The February 28 Audiozine Issue


People is an American weekly magazine that specializes in celebrity news and human-interest stories. It is published by Dotdash Meredith, a subsidiary of IAC.

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