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The Four Keys to Sustainable Success
The Four Keys to Sustainable Success
The Four Keys to Sustainable Success
Аудиокнига55 минут

The Four Keys to Sustainable Success

Написано Patricia Grabarek PhD и Katina Sawyer PhD

Озвучено Dina Pearlman

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We all have goals, and they’re important to us. Why, then, is it often so difficult to actually accomplish the things we set out to do? One possible explanation: The way we go about setting goals and accomplishing them simply isn’t sustainable, and it’s too hard to stick to the path to achievement we’ve laid out for ourselves. A new framework is needed.

That’s exactly what Patricia Grabarek, Ph.D., and Katina Sawyer, Ph.D., offer in The Four Keys to Sustainable Success, an audio course from Scribd Coach. Using the concept of psychological capital to support their ideas, Grabarek and Katina explain the four resources we can use to improve our performance and accomplish our goals: hope, self-efficacy, optimism, and resilience. Using this framework, Grabarek and Sawyer outline practical techniques you can use to begin setting sustainable goals right away.

If you’ve ever faced burnout, or if you just want to boost your chances of success, you’re sure to find valuable insights in The Four Keys to Sustainable Success.

ИздательScribd Coach
Дата выпуска19 апр. 2022 г.

Patricia Grabarek PhD

Workr Beeing co-founder Patricia Grabarek has spent her career leading behavioral science teams and consulting with over sixty different client organizations from various industries, implementing Industrial/Organizational Psychology solutions to improve wellness, retention, performance, and engagement within their organizations. Her areas of expertise include workplace wellness, employee engagement, emotional labor, assessment, person-organization fit, behavioral nudges, and competency modeling. She has also served as an adjunct professor, teaching leadership and organizational psychology courses at Penn State University and the University of Southern California. To learn more about Patricia Grabarek, visit WorkrBeeing.com, find Workr Beeing on social media @WorkrBeeing, or check out the Workr Beeing Podcast.

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