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Conscious Leadership: Leading in a Transforming World
Conscious Leadership: Leading in a Transforming World
Conscious Leadership: Leading in a Transforming World
Аудиокнига56 минут

Conscious Leadership: Leading in a Transforming World

Написано Meredith Turney

Озвучено Eliana Marianes

Рейтинг: 4.5 из 5 звезд



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In this audio course from Scribd Coach, conscious leadership coach Meredith Turney explains how leaders can adapt their leadership styles to meet the needs of a changing professional landscape and make the necessary mindset shifts to lead effectively in a changing world. In the course, Turney explains three essential shifts leaders must make in the modern professional world: from judgment to curiosity, from individualism to collaboration, from product to purpose, and from intention to action. She also shares exercises along the way to help you do the work of making these shifts right away.

If you’re ready to embrace the opportunity to fundamentally change how we work, live, and be with each other for the better, you’ve come to a great starting point. Jump in and get ready for whatever lies ahead in the professional world.

ИздательScribd Coach
Дата выпуска31 мая 2022 г.

Meredith Turney

Meredith Turney is an Associate Certified Coach and iPEC Certified Professional Coach specializing in conscious leadership and remote teams. She has accumulated years of experience working with nonprofit CEOs and marketing professionals who want to have a greater impact in their work and their lives. To learn more about Turney, or about working with her, visit her website at MeredithTurney.com, or on LinkedIn, YouTube, or Instagram (@worklivebehappy)

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