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Money Myths: A Finance Guide for Solo Earners
Money Myths: A Finance Guide for Solo Earners
Money Myths: A Finance Guide for Solo Earners
Аудиокнига1 час

Money Myths: A Finance Guide for Solo Earners

Написано Renée Sylvestre-Williams

Озвучено Ja'Air Bush

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In Money Myths, an audio course from Scribd Coach, personal finance journalist Renée Sylvestre-Williams aims to help solo income earners understand the fundamental of personal finance and how to make educated decisions about major financial decisions by exploring and deconstructing common money myths solo earners often hear. Drawing from her expertise, Sylvestre-Williams breaks down such pervasive money myths as “don’t talk about money with friends,” “investing is for the rich,” “it’s too early to plan,” and more. She also shares exercises so you can begin putting what you’ve learned into practice.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’ve probably heard your fair share of money myths in your life. Let’s talk about them.

ИздательScribd Coach
Дата выпуска14 июн. 2022 г.

Renée Sylvestre-Williams

Renée Sylvestre-Williams is a journalist and the author of The Budgette newsletter and writes about the financial advisory industry, focusing on trends and practice management. To learn more about Renée Sylvestre-Williams and her work, follow The Budgette at budgette.substack.com.

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