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Know Can Do!: Put Your Know-How Into Action

Know Can Do!: Put Your Know-How Into Action

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Know Can Do!: Put Your Know-How Into Action

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2 окт. 2007 г.


Attempting to better themselves—learn new skills, break bad habits, realize their potential—people read books, attend seminars, take training courses. And companies pitch in too, spending billions of dollars every year on professional development programs aimed at helping their employees become more effective. But in spite of what people sincerely believe are their best efforts, all too often their behavior doesn’t change. The fact that it seems to be so hard to make new learning stick is an endless source of frustration for both individuals and

For years Ken Blanchard has been troubled by the gap between what people know—all the good advice they’ve digested intellectually—and what they actually do. In this new book he and his coauthors, Paul J. Meyer and Dick Ruhe, use the fable format Blanchard made famous to lay out a straightforward method for learning more, learning better, and making sure you actually use what you learn.

This engaging story identifies three key reasons people don’t make the leap from knowing to doing and then moves on to the solution. It teaches you how to avoid information overload by learning “less more, not more less.” You’ll find out how to adjust your brain’s filtering system to learn many, many times more than ever before, ignite your creativity and resourcefulness with Green Light Thinking, master what you’ve learned using spaced repetition, and more.

At last, an answer to the question, “Why don’t I do what I know I should do?” Read this book and you will!
2 окт. 2007 г.

Об авторе

Ken Blanchard es el coautor de El nuevo mánager al minuto y otros cincuenta libros, incluyendo los best sellers del New York Times Gung Ho! y Raving Fans. Las ventas combinadas de sus libros ascienden a más de dieciocho millones de ejemplares en más de veintisiete idiomas. Es el líder espiritual de The Ken Blanchard Companies, una compañía global en la formación gerencial y el desarrollo empresarial que él y su esposa, la doctora Marjorie Blanchard, fundaron en 1979.

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Know Can Do! - Ken Blanchard





Put Your Know-How into Action

Ken Blanchard

Paul J. Meyer

Dick Ruhe

Know Can Do

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First Edition

Hardcover print edition ISBN 978-1-57675-468-9

PDF e-book ISBN 978-1-60509-337-6

IDPF ISBN: 978-1-60994-429-2


Production management: Michael Bass Associates

Cover design: Richard Adelson


When I think about the writing of Know Can Do, it’s been a long time coming and has quite a history. Years ago, a dear friend of mine asked me what my biggest disappointment was with my career. That thoughtful question motivated some real self-reflection.

That’s when I realized that what bothered me the most was that my work did not have universal, lasting impact. While my books were widely read, many people did not follow through on the concepts and use them consistently in their day-to-day work. My concern was that some managers seemed to be content merely to talk about leadership practices, rather than actually implementing them.

My friend said, Maybe you’re looking in the wrong place. You’re trying to change people’s behavior only from the outside. He went on to say that he used to do the same until he realized that lasting change in people’s behavior starts on the inside and moves out.

I knew right away he was right, because all I had been focusing on were leadership methods and behavior. I hadn’t focused much on what was in people’s heads or hearts.

Armed with this new insight, I realized that I needed some way to close the knowing-doing gap—a way that focused on the inside as well as the outside.

Enter Paul J. Meyer.

Paul has been a trailblazer in the behavior change business for almost fifty years. His Success Motivation Institute, Inc., founded in 1960, is dedicated to motivating people to their full potential. When I explained my dilemma to Paul, he was excited about trying to solve it. Give Paul Meyer a challenge, and you have a focused person beyond your belief.

After thinking about it, Paul prepared a keynote speech for a big international company on whose board he serves. The speech was entitled The Missing Link—what is needed to put the know-how you gain from reading books, listening to audios, watching videos, or attending seminars into action. That was the beginning of Know Can Do.

Working with Paul on this project was a real joy. He is an entrepreneur extraordinaire who has founded more than forty companies with worldwide sales that exceed $2 billion. With more than forty books in print, in some circles I am considered an author extraordinaire. What we needed to complete our team was a spokesperson who was willing to travel near and far to spread the word.

The person who came immediately to my mind was Dick Ruhe. He has worked with our company for almost twenty years and has been our number one speaker, carrying our message around the world. Dick had done some writing of his own, but as a speaker extraordinaire, he was the perfect match to work with Paul and me on Know Can Do.

One plus one plus one has turned into far beyond three. We are excited about Know Can Do and hope it gives you and your organization the strategies you need to take the knowledge you are taught and put it into action. We know it only takes one diet to lose weight—the one you focus on. In the same way, we think Know Can Do can make a real difference by giving people simple tools to close the knowing-doing gap and make their knowledge come alive. May our dreams come true and your goals be accomplished.

—Ken Blanchard June 2007


There once was a successful author who wrote about simple truths. His books were designed to help himself and others manage and motivate people in more effective ways.

Everyone who read his books loved his stories and messages. He sold millions of copies. Yet there was one thing that troubled him.

It usually reared its head when someone told him, I’ve read all your books and really love them.

The author had always been taught that true learning involves a change in your behavior. In fact, he thought that learning was a journey from knowing to doing. So if the person praising his work

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  • (4/5)
    Very easy read, maybe too easy. And for that reason, the central messages (positive learning environment, repetition, and follow-up) may be waved off as overly simplistic. However, I'm planning to do some controlled experiments of my own to see how well the concepts work in practice.
  • (3/5)
    This is a short book on management skills and the psychology of implementation of change. The principles are simple and they are described in story format to make it less boring. I will try to implement the ideas. I moderately recommend this book.