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Two-Fisted Tales Revised RPG

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Two-Fisted Tales Revised RPG

5/5 (2 оценки)
196 страниц
4 часа
24 мая 2009 г.


Enter the World of Thrilling Pulp Action with this ENnie Award-nominated roleplaying game!

The Dangers and Excitement of Magic, Martial Arts, Hypnotism, Gadgets, and Two-Fisted Duels await...

Inspired by the pulp fiction of the 30s and 40s, Two-Fisted Tales lets you recreate the action and adventure of the genre. Play a hero or heroine--men and women of unusual talents and unusual ambitions, driven to make the world a better place. While they may come from wildly different backgrounds (like cowboys, cat burglars, wealthy playboys, and Tibetan mystics), every one of them observes a private code of honor. Each, willing to risk his or her own life to see that justice is done in the end...

Quick Character Creation
Customizable templates let you create a wide-range of pulp (and noir) icons, with abilities scalable from inept to super-human.

Pulp Schticks
Schticks let characters accomplish tasks and goals that are normally thought to be impossible, including martial arts, gadgetry, hypnosis, magic, and more.

Quick-Flying Action
Fast-action game mechanics utilize 10-sided dice and standard playing cards to keep the two-fisted action flying.

Lengthy Gamemaster's Section
Extensive information for conducting investigations, creating adventures, molding villains, and more, including random tables and ready-to-use templates for villains.

Introduction to the Pulps
History of the pulps explains the origins of the genre, with suggested reading/viewing for inspiration.

Props Included
A sampling of Disposable Heroes paper miniatures help bring the action to life. Want more minis? See our line of Disposable Heroes Paper Minis.

"...after getting this game and reading it, this game captured that good old 'pulpy' feel I had as a youngster and made me want to play NOW!"

"Including magic spells, there are more schticks than you can shake a stick at!"

"The Game Master's section is one of my wishes come true. Let me tell you that this is no ordinary GM section... This section is a blessing."

"It has that pulp 'high-action' & 'larger than life' feel that is a must for anything dealing with the pulp genre."

"My group and I sat down to play a session of Two-Fisted Tales this weekend. Holy wow what a great game!"

"...with the Schticks you can run anything from Dick Tracy right up to the early Golden Age superheros as a 2FT campaign... Some very good rules are also included for mystery-style investigations, scientific research, understanding weird science devices, sneaking about, and dealing with law enforcement... There's also an awesome set of tables for determining random locations for adventures or encounters in your pulp setting... ...2FT has just about everything that you could possibly want in a Pulp game. Its real, direct pulp action."

"The product has 7 chapters and an appendix and is bookmarked by chapter, topic and subtopic.... The product is extremely well-designed and edited. The artwork gives a consistent genre feel to the work and the writing was engaging and makes the whole product very easy to pick-up and start playing. 9/10"
24 мая 2009 г.

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