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Getting Back in the Game: How to Build Your Resume After Taking a Break

Getting Back in the Game: How to Build Your Resume After Taking a Break

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Getting Back in the Game: How to Build Your Resume After Taking a Break

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69 pages
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Nov 4, 2013


Getting Back in the Game offers practical tips for those looking to re-enter the workforce after time away. From understanding which information is most important to the length of the document, this book covers the entire resume-building process. If you have questions about how to write an effective resume, design a concise cover letter, and create professional, appealing documents, this book is for you.

Getting Back in the Game is the perfect book for those individuals who are returning to the employment world after staying home with children, being laid off, or just taking a break. Throughout the book, you will find valuable information, examples, and personal experiences from a Certified Professional Resume Writer.
Nov 4, 2013

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Getting Back in the Game - Heather Rothbauer-Wanish



It’s an exciting time in your life! You have decided to leap back into the workforce. The next part of the process is the part that many people dread—writing a resume, creating a cover letter, and going on an interview. This book is designed to help you with all three parts of the process.

First, you will learn how to write a compelling, eye-catching, and captivating resume that truly describes you as a person and potential employee. Next, we will explore cover letters and how they can help sell you. And, lastly, this book will provide tips for interview questions, answers, and techniques.

Through tips, suggestions, and examples, I hope to assist you in your job search process. Above all, it is my goal to provide you with confidence in your abilities and an understanding that Getting Back in the Game doesn’t have to be scary. Let’s get started!


Preparing to Write Your Resume

Preparing to write a resume after being out of the workforce for awhile can be challenging. After writing customized resumes and cover letters for hundreds of individuals, there is one thing I have found. No two clients are exactly the same. And, they shouldn’t be – after all, this is the client’s personal resume with individual information. Another big difference among all of my clients? The level of preparation varies greatly. With a few simple steps, preparing to write your resume doesn’t have to be a dreaded process. Organization is the key.

First, keep any job descriptions and job duties lists from previous jobs. When you are struggling to define exactly what you did in a previous position, these job descriptions can be very helpful. They tend to trigger your memory for key duties, responsibilities, and position goals.

Next, maintain a file with transcripts from your educational institutions. Most potential employers only require an unofficial transcript when applying for a position. However, many employers will require an official transcript upon hire or within a certain probationary period. For your transcripts, I recommend keeping both an unofficial copy and an official copy at all times. If you have little professional experience, a transcript is a great way to find classes and other items you can place on the educational portion of your resume.

Finally, keep your letters of recommendation and reference listing close by when writing your resume. Letters of recommendation showcase your skills and abilities, areas that can be highlighted on your resume. And, consider what your references may say about you when a potential employer contacts him or her. Use these words as key words or phrases throughout your newly-created resume.

When it comes to your resume, I recommend keeping more information than necessary. This makes it much easier when trying to gather enough information to craft a well-written resume. And, as you work to create a dynamic document, being organized will only ease the stress associated with the process.


Chronological Resumes versus Functional Resumes

Once you have decided to write or update your resume, the next decision involves the format type. Do you want to use a chronological order or a more functional approach? For most people, the chronological resume is the one they were taught. The newest jobs are listed first and previous jobs are listed in reverse chronological order.

Functional resumes group information by tasks accomplished. For example, if you have worked in sales at your previous four jobs, you could group information into sections such as: Sales Management Techniques, Sales Training Experience, and

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