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Body Language in Business

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Body Language in Business

Автор: Richard Mulvey

Длина: 66 стр.1 ч


20,000 years ago business was a very simple process. One cave man could exchange a clay pot for a leg of mammoth with another cave man with just a nod and a grunt. Today we need to create new words for our ever-changing situation and our more advanced business requires more demanding communications. We have over 200,000 words in the English language alone. That number is growing rapidly and every day somebody asks:

"What on earth is he talking about?"

For those of you that thought that the nod and the grunt were much easier I've got some news for you, we are still using them.

In man's early years we developed the skills to communicate using body language. We have all but forgotten those skills but the language remains and is a truer reflection of our feelings than the words we use.

This book is not designed to be an exhaustive study or the result of years of scientific research. Richard Mulvey started to study body language as a tool to improve his own sales and presentation skills, and then to teach others. Now he teaches Body Language full time all over the world.