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What If Jesus Christ Was An Alien!

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What If Jesus Christ Was An Alien!

Автор: AD Reem

Длина: 232 стр.8 ч


The point of What If Jesus Christ Was An Alien! is to offer an alternate theory to the Bible with regard to how the human species was created, evolved and what our purpose of existence is. This unique and compelling book explains that humans are a colonized species created by an ancestral species. Our galaxy and planet is a created and controlled environment for life forms to evolve. This did not occur by chance but by design. This book differs from Darwin's, Theory of Evolution as it details how humans not only evolved from apes but also how we have been genetically manipulated by our ancestral species. This controlled manipulation of our genetics has developed a high functioning brain that has separated humans from all other species on earth. Get ready for a journey of spiritual and physical significance that will never be repeated again in the future of the human species. The people that have power within controlling religious institutions will study, ridicule and criticize this work. This book will become the foundation template to the greatest alternative to spirituality ever documented.