The Adventures of Eco Enrico

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The Adventures of Eco Enrico

Длина: 67 стр.33 мин


One moment Enrico Rivera’s biggest challenge is scoring a goal against the league’s toughest goalie. The next moment, his dad’s in the hospital and it’s up to eight-year-old Enrico to save his life. If he's really up for an adventure, he might even save the planet.
Enrico’s dad works at a factory that spews pollution into the air every day, and until the air clears, his dad won’t be able to breathe on his own. With the help of a handful of magical seeds, Enrico sets out on a mission to clean up the pollution at Suds, Inc., armed with his eco-fueled jet pack, Turboblaster water gun, and an old watch of his dad’s that turns out to be a lot more than just a watch.
But before Enrico can save the planet (and his dad), he’s got to believe in his own power to make a difference. Join Eco Enrico and his pollution-fighting seed friends as they embark on a global adventure to prevent environmental destruction.