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Beading Fun 'n Stuff

Beading Fun 'n Stuff

Автором Bryan Gibson

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Beading Fun 'n Stuff

Автором Bryan Gibson

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292 pages
2 hours
Jan 18, 2012


Even Delilah likes Beading Fun & Stuff is a tongue-in-cheek treatise on adventures of a home beading jewelry business. This fun to read set of critical insider skills are provided for the use of tools, gems, metals, and torched glass. It includes recommendations on who to buy from, whom to sell to, setting up your business, having fun, photo/camera secrets and home studio basics from a perspective that only a candid and fun loving senior can provide. All this and a parrot to boot.

Jan 18, 2012

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Beading Fun 'n Stuff - Bryan Gibson



Welcome to my narrative of personal experiences in my beading adventure, the Emerald Goose. My objective is to make you acquainted with the craft as a whole and to entice you to try it because it’s fun.

Although volumes could be written, an encyclopedia on beading is probably not what you need. I have learned what makes my business work – and I believe it could work for you as well. There are, however, many areas where details are added that I believe will be beneficial for you.

I wish to thank my son, Bryan, for his expert technical advice and photography, without which I could not have proceeded with this narrative. (Forgive my many exasperations and computer ignorance, Bryan.) Also, thanks go to my son, Keith, who gave me technical web advice and used an electric prod stick and a few $$ to push me into this. They both expressed minor, and sometimes major, changes as I proceeded, for which I am thankful. This journey has been an incredible learning experience for this 85- year- old lady.

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Personal and Upfront

While you are reading this, I would like you to get to know me, who I am and what I do that’s so much fun. Yes, it’s BEADING ‘n Stuff. As I head towards my 86th birthday, I remember my Danish Aunt Gyda, while in her mid 90’s was busy at her loom making 12 placemats in linen with gold trim as a gift for me. I adore them to this day. My grandfather, in his 80’s, carved a black walnut small table, about 24 inches high with the legs carved like a woman’s legs. As an old man, he was having fun!

The Early Years

During my youth, I was given 10 years of piano lessons and later on took another three years. I felt quite accomplished and at home on the piano, using it all my life in church and for my own enjoyment. To me it was fun, even the many hours of practicing.

Before I was married and had our five boys, I became enthused about working with silver – inspired by a high school teacher, Mr. Brinkman. I loved him as much as I loved the silver, I believe, and the class was so much fun. I went to a local college to learn to speak French, but the small class had mostly European students who were accomplished in several other languages. Born in Chicago with just one language in my repertoire, I didn’t need that hassle and said to myself, sorry, forget it, this isn’t fun at all.

The Middle Years

It was another 25 years, when my sons were grown, before I took jewelry up again, but only for six or seven years. Then I gave my tools and kiln away, sadly, and many years later when I was widowed, I started making bears and teaching students how to make them with genuine mohair and German glass eyes - and we all had fun.

The Later Years

After moving to Colorado and spending several years teaching brain training for LearningRX, my hearing became impaired – so much so I couldn’t continue. When one can’t differentiate between b, d, g, & t, it was time to quit what I loved to do. I knew the training was changing those kids lives for the better and the time spent was so worthwhile. I still miss my students.

The Last Years

At this time, I could use the extra money, so OK, now what? I was then 78 and made the decision to take up an old love, jewelry work. However, I didn’t want all the complicated soldering associated with silver work – the large propane tanks, chemicals etc. This was a new era, the age of technology – computers, eBay, the internet. If I made beads, I didn’t need to travel the world looking for just the right ones. Now, there were trade shows in the US, and again the web, where the world was at my door. This would be fun!

I made the decision to learn the art and enthusiastically started beading. My first necklace was sold on eBay and I obtained a very good price for it. The second and third didn’t sell, but the fourth did. I was on my way. But there’s much more to the story and, whether you’re 20 or 90 years old, I hope this book is an encouragement to attempt, what I call, Beading Fun ‘n Stuff.

What About You?

Now that you know a few things about me, I am wondering as I write this, who you are. Did you happen one day to enter a beading shop and think to yourself - this looks interesting. Or did you walk into Chico’s and see their jewelry and say to yourself - what fun that would be to make it myself. Perhaps you have a friend that makes jewelry, or you have a relative that passed on and left you a bunch of beads that you don’t know what to do with. Again, you could have been in Barnes & Noble and seen a magazine on beading, or looked in a jewelry shop and were amazed at all the different colored gems.

I am speculating about you. I don’t know who you are, but perhaps you are like me - always needing to do something with your hands. I did needlepoint for many years and found it so relaxing. I enjoy playing the piano, baking bread or cooking with a new recipe, making teddy bears and now beading, beading, and more beading.

By reading this book, if it tempts you to buy a few beads and tools for the total enjoyment and fun of beading, or if you want to turn your hobby into a money maker, I would love to hear from you - bonnie3651@comcast.net - and go look at my website: www.emeraldgoose.com to view what I have listed, and then say to yourself, I could do that, too.

To find out the How, Where and Why of beading fun, (even without Delilah) keep reading. It’s really never too late to start.

Bonnie June

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Chapter 1

I Would Like to Do It, BUT……

"I would like to start – BUT- How can I make a necklace? (1) I’m in college, (2) I have a couple of kids , (3) I have a full time job, (4) - heaven help you- I’m a man."

Anyone can do it! (Almost anyone) Children love it, college students help pay their bills doing it, for homemakers it’s a shoo-in, for working moms – it’s a terrific way to reduce stress, for men or women, it’s a way to start an extra business. And, it’s FUN!

Or you’re retired and you would like to start, BUT you say: "How can I do beading? My hands are all arthritic and hurt, my eyesight is too poor, I can’t sit or stand for any length of time, there’s no place to do it, I don’t have any money, I can’t use a computer, ETC.

You are talking about me – yes, me. Listen:

If you can put two fingers together, YOU CAN DO IT. (You’ll need the other hand too)

If you have a lighted magnifying lamp, YOU CAN DO IT. (You may need an extra bulb)

If you have a 4’X4’ space, YOU CAN DO IT. (That’s rather crowded though)

If you can spare $10, YOU CAN DO IT. ($20 might be better)

If you have a child, grandchild or IT friend you can

implore or employ them and



IT’S FUN! (It really is)

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Chapter 2

Tantalizing Tools

Very basic: Strong stringing material

Pliers, Cutter and Crimper

Millimeter Ruler

Suggested: Pliers – I use all of these and you will want them also: Chain Nose, Flat Nose, Round Nose (also called Rosary), Crimper, Flush Cutter, Side Cutter, and Bent Nose

Chain Nose


Side Cutter

Round Nose

Flat Nose

Flush Cutter

Where do I find them?

May I suggest www.firemountaingems.com, 800-355-2137. If

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