Beginner's Guide to Office Boxing

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Beginner's Guide to Office Boxing

Автор: Paula Schumacher

Длина: 184 стр.2 ч



Liberty Press August 2012
Book Review
By Sheryl LeSage and William N Proctor-Artz

This deceptively thin paperback is a genuinely helpful guide to office politics. I know what you're thinking: you're thinking that you hate office politics. And of course you do. You're a decent human being, who just wants to get your work done with a minimum of drama and as few meetings as possible. But we both know that you work with some folks who need to have their meds adjusted, right? And those people? Those people love office politics and they play those games better than you ever have. Until now.

Now you have a trainer in your corner and will be able to defend yourself, to see attacks before they can hurt you, and to put yourself in a beneficial position (without breaking any laws, even!).

The book might seem lightweight because it takes a lighthearted approach to its subject matter, but it seems pretty well-grounded in behavioral science, and addresses a topic most of us would prefer to never know anything about. But you can't ignore the worlds' narcissists, passive-aggressive backbiters, or control freaks. This book allows you to keep them contained and to not let them destroy your professional life. Recommended.