I Believe, a Journey of Faith and Coping

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I Believe, a Journey of Faith and Coping

Автор: Ed Hazelwood

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Длина: 168 стр.2 ч


Each chapter in this exciting and interesting book tells a story of an adventure or change in the journey and how that experience impacted his life, how he adapted or coped with the challenges, and what he learned from it. He has been able to carry on and tell his story by relying on his Christian faith, believing in a higher being, reading the Bible, participating in sports, having good friends, running, building and racing cars and maintaining a positive outlook.

The adventures are told chapter by chapter and questions are listed at the end allowing the reader to pause for thoughts and reflection or for discussion as the book can be used as a multiple week study by small groups. One chapter, the “toolbox” provides words and guidance for self reflection, assessment and personal motivation and inspiration or self help for the reader along with other ideas for coping and learning