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JobJoy Bootcamp: Moving you from career pain to job joy in 3 easy steps

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JobJoy Bootcamp: Moving you from career pain to job joy in 3 easy steps

Автор: George Dutch

Длина: 186 стр.2 ч


Yes, you may have been knocked down for a bit. And, yes, I know you may not feel like a success at every point in your life, but JobJoy Bootcamp will remind you of this simple fact: you have been successful in life previously; and you will be successful again!

I know this because I refuse to define success in narrow financial terms. I define success in terms of finances, yes -- but also (and probably more importantly!), in terms of health, energy, confidence, courage, self-respect, happiness, and peace of mind... to name a few.

Each of these aspects of life adds to our quality of life -- and finding your right work will help you in all those areas. I know you know this as well as I, as we’ve all tasted that success in the natural talents, strengths, and motivations we all have. Now let’s put those to work in your life and get you the true, well-rounded success you deserve!


Because you can change your job in six months, with financial security and job satisfaction! I know, because I’ve seen it first-hand hundreds times!

I've saved hundreds of careers, including my own, from a trash heap of broken dreams. That's what brings me JobJoy -- I've discovered exactly what works, and what doesn't work, when it comes to saving your work life.

Those same simple strategies can work for you too... I know because they've worked for thousands of people just like you.

Your situation is not unique, and more importantly your situation is NOT hopeless!

The strategies I use have been developed over the last 20 years working with people like you in all kinds of situations and circumstances... and now I can help you change your current situation, and life, too!