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Typhoon Season

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Typhoon Season

Автор: David Baird

Длина: 285 стр.4 ч


Anything can happen in the Typhoon Season. This fast-paced thriller vividly captures the atmosphere of Hong Kong, the so-called Pearl of the Orient, where the author worked as a journalist — both when it was a British colony and later when it returned to Chinese rule.
The action never flags when the protagonist finds himself on the run, striving desperately to establish his innocence as he encounters an exotic cast of characters. The discovery of the body of a crooked policeman floating in the harbor sets off a chain of dramatic events, events that take you to a luxury mansion on The Peak, to a kung-fu film set, to seething back streets, to a Buddhist monastery — and to the delights of the Pink Heaven Bar in Wan Chai.
Typhoon Season grips the attention right up to the spectacular climax — and then produces an unexpected final twist.
All characters in this book are fictitious. But anybody familiar with Hong Kong — one of the world's most fascinating cities with its full share of heroes and villains of all nationalities — will recognise certain characteristics of the main players.