Genesis: Power & Purpose

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Genesis: Power & Purpose

Автор: Sandor Cselenyi

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Длина: 70 стр.36 мин


This book is for the person who knows there is something special about the Bible, but who, for no lack of effort, just doesn't get it or doesn’t get enough of it. The author has an extra-ordinary understanding of the Bible message and shares with you the key to its proper understanding. Armed with the proper key and insight, we examine the most fundamental and important question of all: what is the true origin of man?

Written in easy to understand language, the author provides a compelling view that the Genesis account of creation accurately explains man's creation and his power in life. This power existed from the very beginning and is God-given to man. If the Biblical explanation of man is not enough, we see that modern scientific thought and discoveries virtually corroborates the Genesis account, to the point where science and Christianity are complimentary in understanding our creation.

This book is much more than a new appreciation of the Bible. The personal implications of these discoveries are incalculable, and the author just scratches the surface of their impact. Despite its brevity, it is sure to inspire the reader with a better perspective on the Bible, and on life.