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Planning before Writing a Novel

Planning before Writing a Novel

Автором Shruti Chandra

Planning before Writing a Novel

Автором Shruti Chandra

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80 pages
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Oct 18, 2012


First-time fiction writers often get stuck in the middle of writing a novel mainly because they do not have an outline they can stick to. Outlining a novel before writing is essential for carrying on with a story of 80,000 words or more.

This book includes ten questions after answering which you will be have the entire outline of your novel in front of you. You will have built your protagonist, antagonist, major characters, setting, plot, theme, narrative POV and genre of your novel.

It will also help you to learn the art of visualization, polish your prose, keep yourself motivated throughout the writing and build the first scene of your book. Avoid writer’s block and obvious potholes; get a book under your name this time.

Oct 18, 2012

Об авторе

Shruti Chandra is the author of The Return to Beginnings, a novel. She has also authored many non-fiction books on fiction writing. She distributes her time between her reading, her daughter, and her writing.

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  • You do not need to have a precise answer to this. An intelligent guess will do. It will give you a sense of development and movement in the book.

  • Question III. What would your hero/heroine do to communicate your theme to your readers?  First, find out what your hero wants, then just follow him!

  • Your beliefs will find a way into your novel and your characters will carry your theme in your book.

  • Question IV. Who is the enemy of your heroheroine? Discovering the antagonist of your novel and introducing conflict.

  • Question II. In a sentence, what would you like to tell your readers by your story?

Предварительный просмотр книги

Planning before Writing a Novel - Shruti Chandra

Planning before Writing a Novel

By Shruti Chandra

Published by Shruti Chandra at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Shruti Chandra

Table of Contents:





Major Characters



The Art of Visualization

Narrative POV

Writing your First Scene

Get it down. Take chances. It may be bad, but it's the only way you can do anything really good.

- William Faulkner


Writers need to come down from their pedestal and spell out the truth. I write for fame. I write for satisfaction. I write for praise. There are many reasons for writing a novel and all of them are worthy. Whatever is your goal, be proud of it. Write a book through which you can achieve it. Of course, writing in itself is a pleasure which is highly addictive.

Another myth about writers is that they sit at their desk with a coffee mug (or drink), uncombed hair and all, and wait for inspiration. The Muse arrives and they begin to scribble, one page after another without thought, much like a typist being dictated. Anybody can put out twenty or thirty pages using this method, but they won’t be able to write a book, simply because books are not written that way. People who use this approach get stuck at some point during the creation of their book and abandon their work.

Novel writing requires planning and thought before the actual writing begins. It does not sound exciting, but it can save you disappointments later. Your twenty page story can easily go on till the hundredth or two-hundredth page if you plan your book. Whatever efforts you exert in planning your book will save you effort in re-writing and editing after finishing writing it. For first time novelists, outlining their novel is highly recommended. It will help them in:

Cutting down the writing-time of their book and making their first draft read better.

Lessening the time they would spend in re-writes and edits after finishing writing their book.

Getting freedom from writer’s block. You will be in control.

The ten questions I have prepared for writers will help them in inventing and getting to know the characters, plot, setting, point of view, conflict, prose and theme of their book real quick. You may write the answers to the questions in a separate sheet so that when you are done, you will have the entire plan of your novel in front of you.

You have been thinking of writing a novel. Forget fancy terms and author lingo. To write a novel, you need a story. You have the burning desire to write a story; you only need to know how. Answer these ten questions and you will have the outline of your story with talking characters, setting, plot and theme. It is no magic. These ten questions will create the skeleton of your book. It will help you to fill spaces where most first-time writers get stuck. People call it writer’s block, but it is nothing but lack of planning.

Write down your answers on a separate page so that after you are done, you will have ten milestones for your novel.


Question 1: What do you want to write about?

Pick one

1. Romance

2. Fantasy

3. Action

4. Science Fiction

5. Adventure

6. Satire

7. Crime

8. Literature

9. Children's Fiction

10. Young Adult Fiction

11. Horror

12. Mystery

13. Historical Fiction

14. Chic Lit

15. Thriller

16. Women's Fiction

17. Comedy

18. Graphic Novel

19. Erotica

20. Fan Fiction

21. Gothic

22. Tragedy

23. Stream of consciousness

24. War

25. Realistic Fiction

It's better to write about things you feel than about things you know about.

- L. P. Hartley

The genre you choose is explained below:

1. Romance

Your novel needs to focus on the romantic relationship between two people, usually of the opposite sex. It may have an optimistic ending where love finds fulfillment. Your main characters will be the hero and the heroine who will fall in love and struggle to make their relationship work. Conflict or friction can be due to internal (personality traits) or external (society, family, environment) factors. Romance can range from sweet to extremely hot.

End Goal & Conflict

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