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Автор: Robert Crompton

Длина: 308 стр.4 ч


Bunderlin, Bundy, Bird, The Big Man—even his name becomes wordplay. An irresistible force in the lives of the people he decides will be his friends. Bunderlin is infuriating, charming and often plain rude. He enters Martin’s life in a sinister way—Martin is being followed, he receives photographs anonymously, he is suddenly thrown from his comfortable life in academia into the social world of hookers, petty criminals and even murderers. But could Bunderlin, a man obsessed with kindness to animals, in fact be a murderer himself?
Idiosyncratic use of language is a hallmark of Bunderlin’s character, and also of this book; a novel that is a delightful and absorbing read. Robert Crompton has constructed a story full of characters who defy stereotype and worm their way into your affections.