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Launch your very own internet business today with 50 proven successful e-business models!

Starting an internet business has never been easier as we stand now at the threshold of the digital revolution. You can create a website with a few clicks from the comfort of your home and start a profitable business within minutes. We are presented with an overwhelming choice of cost efficient and even free Do-It-Yourself e-commerce software and web publishing applications at our disposal. The international distribution flow of goods and services has been made more efficient than ever with the proliferation of B2B websites and wholesale dropshipping networks - one wonders why there aren't many more internet entrepreneurs taking advantage of such accessible technology and the increasingly disappearing trade barriers.

Why do so many people still get stuck in a 9-5 office job or jobs which they can't derive satisfaction and personal fulfillment from? The answer is that they simply are not aware of the possibilities out there and how easy it is to pursue the alternative lifestyle of an internet entrepreneur. Fear, skepticism and the self-crippling notion that you need the next groundbreaking e-business idea to be successful makes people grab on to the status quo.

Andy Levitt, successful entrepreneur and practicing start-up consultant, shows you how by following sound business models others have used to demonstrable success, anyone can start a profitable internet business. Not having programming or web publishing skills is no longer a barrier to becoming an internet entrepreneur with the abundance of DIY website tools available. Using an array of social media tools to market your business, small start-ups can go up against big established players.

Readers of this book will benefit from the broad range of user-friendly website building tools and free internet resources for entrepreneurs covered. Most importantly, he/she will be able to profit from each of the 50 e-business models covered individually in this book.

In each of the 50 e-business models discussed in the book, readers can expect the following:

- Examples of existing market incumbents
- Business structure
- Technology and tools required to launch the website
- Skills needed
- Capital requirements and
- Marketing techniques and tips

The distillation of the nature and characteristics of each of the 50 e-business models serve to help readers decide on the most suitable business profile to pursue based on interests, personality and general strengths and weaknesses.

Wait no longer and kickstart your entrepreneurial journey today!

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