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The Tahiti Syndrome-Hawaiian Style

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The Tahiti Syndrome-Hawaiian Style

Автор: Andrew Gunson

Рейтинг: 3 из 53/5 (1 оценка)
Длина: 635 стр.13 ч


The author, accompanied by his family and friends, undertakes a seven thousand mile, deep sea voyage across a great watery wilderness. A personal journey where he explores his successes and failures, his life, love and family in an effort to answer the question man has been asking himself from time immemorial........... Is there meaning to my life?

Candidly written and heartfelt, this sailing adventure travelogue is full of fascinating nautical titbits and astute philosophical ramblings augmented with insightful and memorable quotes from historical travel writers and adventurers of the past. If you have ever dreamed of sailing over the horizon to live the life of a cruising vagabond, join as vicarious crew, Andrew and Janet Gunson aboard the sailing vessel Maiatla for their latest Naked Canadian Adventure and voyage into Oceania.
Commander R.H. Fairwood RNR RD (Retired)

Facing Pacific gales, hungry sharks and an ocean of mind-numbing immensity are all preferable to staying ashore to deal with the “mindless automatons of the insipid netherworld.” Insightful and often funny as the author grapples with his tenacious and sometimes uncooperative teenage daughter. The Tahiti Syndrome is a physical as well as a metaphysical journey through life and love as encountered from the heaving deck of a 52 foot ketch, the S.V. Maiatla II.
The Bay City Cruisers Association.

This is Book #2 in the Naked Canadian Cruising Series by Andrew W. Gunson