Stories of Vietnam

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Stories of Vietnam

Автор: Truong Buu Lam

Длина: 120 стр.50 мин


This book narrates 14 well-known stories selected from a large body of fairy tales and legends of Vietnam. Although it is an illustrated work, it is not intended for an audience of children. Many such books already exist, but they usually offer an edited and morally correct version of the stories they narrate. As a result, the justification of the present book is that it submits an unexpurgated text of its 14 stories which indeed are replete with scenes of violence, unprincipled stances and vengeful outlooks. As the dedication plainly affirmed it, the children are allowed to read this book only when they are full fledged grown ups!
This book thus addresses the parents and grandparents who nostalgically yearn to reacquaint themselves with things heard or read long ago. They may keep this book in reserve for when their children and grandchildren will be judged mature enough to safely digest its rough spots and thoughtfully handle situations which defy accepted moral principles.
We all hope that you will enjoy reading this book or looking at the illustrations. If you don't, don't throw it away. If your children are not allowed to read this book, they may yet look at the illustrations and start fantasizing their own tales and legends.