Mukie of a Different Color: Making a Difference

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Mukie of a Different Color: Making a Difference

Автор: Robert Bohlken

Длина: 41 стр.31 мин


Help this prehistoric tribe of Mukies solve problems that disrupt their peace loving nature. Children 8-12 will find challenges in helping the Mukies work through risk taking adventures, friendship conflicts, and bravery episodes. What appears to be a handicap turns out to be an important trait. See how their positive attitude, open communication and good listening skills reward them.
Teaches skills such as tolerance, cooperation, respect, decision making and peaceful co-existence through the adventures of the optimistic Mukie characters.

Let the Mukies provide the basis for an easy exchange of thoughts, feelings and ideas about values and ethical issues. Uncovers the secrets that help them live together in peace and belonging.