Franchise Salvation

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Franchise Salvation

Автор: Phil Morgan

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With Franchise Salvation, you learn to:

Is Franchising Right for You?
How to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of franchise ownership.
Navigate social proof and understand market potential.
Figuring out the legal side.
Decide whether you should buy into a franchise or just do your own thing.
Marketing your business to grow.
Discover how much consumer traffic and competition the parent company has.
When is the right time to franchise?

Franchise Salvation Will Guide You Through:

-How to Investigate franchisors
-How to Interview existing franchises
-How to determine if the franchise is using successful marketing methods
-What is franchising and how to determine if the people at the company are any good
-What qualities franchisors look for and what qualities you should look for
-How to gather information from franchisees, partners or suppliers
-How to make sure the franchise makes money and is set to win
-Does the company come up in searches or are they paying for traffic

Franchise Salvation will guide you through the franchise due diligence and recruitment process.

Through business ownership, Dreams can be made. Signing in and out of a time clock will never compare to the raw thrill of making money from building your own business. Hi, this book is from my 17 years of experience developing franchises for minor and major brands. This is not the standard information you will find in other franchise books. I will outline strategies that will help you decide how strong of a brand your buying into and digital marketing tips for brand visibility.

Does the company have a low Klout score? How to determine competition and search volume. All of this matters when your buying into a brand.

Don't invest money into a company that doesn't have a blog and this book will tell you why. Learn from real life franchise lead generation experts, franchise industry sales representatives and franchise system developers and recruiters.