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Billy, It's Time (Sequel)

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Billy, It's Time (Sequel)

Автор: Michael P Buckley

Длина: 75 стр.54 мин


“Winter would not be far off, we prepared the best we could for the hardships, the cold weather would bring. Nanye-hi the daughter of Blue Sky became Billy’s wife.” Travis built a small house, as a surprise for Billy, so he had a place to hang is hat when he slept at the Cherokee’s camp. Travis and Cindy moved in together and Travis built a small house for them with the help of some carpenters.
“We cleared away conifers and moss to make trails through the thick forests and woodlands. We preserved a lot of food in cans. We had freezers we have found in abandoned stores. With all are solar panels we have plenty of electric for us and the Cherokee.”
“Sometimes we get a lot of fog, and then the solar panels do not work well. We will have the electrician try to work on a better position. When we have sunlight, are panels will be in the optimum position. Matt and Curtis have done well, and they both have found new girlfriends from the Cherokee reservation.”