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The Drop: Kroth 2

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The Drop: Kroth 2

Автор: Robert Gibson

Длина: 330 стр.5 ч


The Slant brought Duncan Wemyss down from Kroth’s flat North Pole, as far south as Latitude 60, Slope 30 degrees, where he fought the defensive battle that saved Topland.
From that point The Drop takes him yet further down through lands and cultures of increasing tilt, to rescue captives and spy upon enemies who lurk in the dread jungles of the vertical Equator....
Reviews for The Slant
This is a brilliant book. The writing is fluent and easy to read and the story carries you along on a huge adventure into a realm which is very different to the one we live in. You share young Duncan's trepidation, as he feels his way through the challenges that face him. This book is for all sci-fi enthusiasts, young and old.
The Slant presents its readers with a truly original idea that prompts us to imagine a world like our own, but so very different.
This is a very well written book by an author who obviously has a love of 'classic' science fiction and an excellent grasp of the written word.