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Grapho-Persuasion: Mastering the Pyramid of Persuasion (Confessions of a Marketing Man)

Grapho-Persuasion: Mastering the Pyramid of Persuasion (Confessions of a Marketing Man)

Автором Victor Semo

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Grapho-Persuasion: Mastering the Pyramid of Persuasion (Confessions of a Marketing Man)

Автором Victor Semo

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178 pages
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Apr 1, 2011


A queen has more influence over the king than the senators because she knows his personality. Therefore, she knows what to say, how to say it, and how to act when she’s persuading him.

This is a pocket bible for the novice, timid and talented professionals, to help them to be more influential using Grapho-Persuasion. It is an innovative method, based on years of research, that blends together techniques from the sciences of graphology and persuasion for greater emotional impact. Know who people truly are, and you can move their heart easily, like a queen.

“I like to know who I am dealing with, and this book helps me to reveal what they are hiding from me. Fascinating!”- Geoff Burch, best-selling author and BBC television presenter


>How to understand people’s personalities and use this knowledge to persuade them

> Persuasion is seduction: how companies use the same techniques as womanisers to win clients

> From Martin Luther King, jr to Naomie Campbell, the secrets to make hypnotic speeches that move an audience

> Various tools of persuasion, easy to “carry and deploy” in any situation

In this insightful book, originally a letter to his sister, Victor Semo reveals the essential elements to master the art of persuasion. Jargon-free, packed with tried and tested advice, get more in business and your personal life.

Apr 1, 2011

Об авторе

Glocal author, marketer, speaker

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Grapho-Persuasion - Victor Semo


Mastering the Pyramid of Persuasion
(Confessions of a Marketing Man)
By Victor Semo
PUBLISHED BY: Jamin Press at Smashwords
Copyright 2010 by Victor Semo

This book is available in print at most online retailers

100% QUALITY PROMISE: As a buyer, your satisfaction is important. This ebook contains graphics that have been compressed for this Smashwords ebook edition. If after purchase you would like to receive the same ebook but with higher quality graphics, please send your request to jamin@grapho-persuasion.com with your proof of purchase within 30 days.

Smashwords Edition License Notes

This ebook is DRM-free and is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each person you share it with. If you're reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then you should return to Smashwords.com and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the author's work.

Praise for Grapho-Persuasion


I like to know who I am dealing with, and this book helps me to reveal what they are hiding from me. Fascinating!– Geoff Burch, Best-selling author of Irresistible Persuasion, BBC Television Presenter, and voted Business Communicator of 2011 by the Speechwriters Guild

Savvy persuaders have a new powerful technique in their hands!– Rintu Basu, Best-selling author of The Persuasion Skills Black Book

Grapho-Persuaded? I was. You will be!– Alun Thorne, Birmingham Post

Victor Semo challenges you to consider that a person’s handwriting tells you about their personality, the key to how best persuade them. Dozens of samples and examples are given as well as the use of handwriting analysis in the scope of a simple but elegant model of persuasion. Grapho-Persuasion is well worth your reading and utilizing!– Kevin Hogan, Psy.D, author of The Science of Influence

About the Author


Being an academic and business professional, Victor Semo is a ‘pracademic’. As well as being a graphologist, he is also a professional marketer and a Doctoral Researcher in the art of political persuasion (lobbying) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Wolverhampton University, UK. When he was 21 years old, Victor took a break to setup a fashion-engineering design business, then licensed all his ideas, before going back to the normal professional-student life that he loves so much.

This Parisian-born has lived in different countries and now, occasionally, writes thought-provoking posts on his blog at the Birmingham Post, the most influential business newspaper in the West Midlands, http://www.birminghampost.net/victor.

To contact him, or find out more about Grapho-Persuasion, visit www.grapho-persuasion.com , or Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/victorsemo

* * * * *



This handbook was originally a personal, handwritten letter and manual to my sister Ghislaine.

I wrote the handbook for her in order to help her be more in control of her environment, and stop being a victim of stress and anxiety.

Although now publicly available, it remains, for me, a personal letter. Throughout the text, you will still find mention of Ghislaine, sister, brother, and some personal stories and notes for Ghislaine displayed in this grey rounded box:

When you read the contents of a rounded box, I am addressing myself to you. Replace the name Ghislaine with your name, and replace the words sister and brother with‘[my] friend.’ As someone who is taking the time to read this book, I consider you a friend. Follow this persuasion trick throughout the book and you will feel that I have written it for you.

Please be advised that:

-All the techniques and theories presented within the book have been used by men and women throughout history. In academic circles, many are considered unreliable because results of empirical studies conducted to date are inconclusive. Since scientists cannot prove or disprove these theories 100%, it is safer to consider them unproven ‘junk science’. My sole contribution as a ‘pracademic’ is to bring the school of persuasion and the school of graphology together.

-All the businesses, places and names mentioned are real unless mentioned.

-If you are an expert in persuasion, you might say that more persuasion techniques could have been included, and I would agree with you. With your experience, whatever your profession, you also know that more does not necessarily mean better and this handbook does not attempt to be an encyclopaedia. Some techniques are just too complex to put into practice, therefore it is better to present here those that are easy to ‘carry and deploy’.

-There may be mistakes, both typographical and in content. You are therefore advised to use the text as a general guide. The purpose of this handbook is to educate and entertain only.

-You may not like what you read, especially if you are sceptical by nature and prefer to see before believing. If that is the case, I ask you to be fair; try putting it in to practice first, then feel free to criticise. Criticism and debates are good, I welcome them; they keep you intellectually healthy.



A Persuader’s Prayer

Introduction -Objections from the Audience

How to Use this Handbook

Why Write this Handbook?

Handwritten Letter to Ghislaine

The Creation of Grapho-Persuasion

Influence ≠ Persuasion



1. The Cornerstone

1.1 Fundamental 1

1.2 Fundamental 2

1.3 Fundamental 3

2. The Rules

2.1 Create Trust and Comfort

2.2 Be a Good Talker. Create Consultative Conversations

2.3 Create Dependence

3. The Laws

3.1 Law of Reciprocity

3.2 Law of Commitment and Consistency

3.3 Law of Liking

3.4 Law of Authority

3.5 Law of Social Proof

3.6 Law of Scarcity

4. The Techniques

4.1 Blur Perception

4.2 Make Spending Abstractive

4.3 Make Them Focus on Loss

4.4 Provide Guarantees

4.5 Introduce a Decoy

4.6 Colour the Choice

4.7 Get the Door Closed in Your Face

4.8 Put Your Foot in the Door

4.9 Lower Resistance with Flattery

4.10 Speak and Capture Attention

4.11 Reframe

4.12 Anchor

4.13 Act Like a Debater: Present the Negatives and Positives

4.14 Use Hypnotic Words

4.15 Use Statistics

5. The Secret Recipe

5.1 The Secret Recipe of Subliminal Persuasion

5.2 How to Make a Hypnotic Speech


6. Emotional Aspects

6.1 Emotional Responsiveness and Expressiveness

6.2 Emotional Depth (Pressure in Writing)

7. Social Aspects

7.1 Talkativeness, Secretiveness and Lies

7.2 Pride, Vanity, Independence

7.3 Letter Connections

7.4 Spacing

7.5 Letter Sizes

7.6 Generosity, Thriftiness

7.7 Jealousy

7.8 Ego

7.9 Willpower

7.10 Goals (Ambitions)

7.11 Determination

7.12 Argumentativeness

7.13 Doodles

8. Sexual Aspects



A Request: Help this Book if you Like it

Appendix A - Playing with Statistics in Advertising

Appendix B - Deliberate Practice

Appendix C - Influencing in a Digital Age (bonus chapter)




A Persuader’s Prayer


Peitho, goddess of the arts of persuasion,

Give me strength to appeal to the public.

I shall not be a product of my environment,

My environment shall be a product of me.

Because morality is personal and not societal,

Indistinguishable are persuasion and manipulation.

Of my successful and failed attempts,

You and I shall be the sole silent witnesses, victims and judges.

Who don’t try won’t ever know.

* * * * *


Objections from the Audience


Whenever I do a seminar or talk about Grapho-Persuasion, I usually get these two comments:

1.Handwriting analysis does not work. It is a quackery.

2.People don’t write anymore with a pen and paper, but with a keyboard and a computer screen. They handwrite occasionally only to take notes or send greeting cards.

And I always have to answer these two questions:

1.Does it really work?

2.If it works, is it really relevant today? People are more and more online.

My answers to critics, sceptics and other Jeremiahs of this world are always the same.

Answer to Comment / Question 1:

Like any student, do your homework. Try first, then we’ll talk. Here is my number and email address to send me your feedback. This is my usual answer when I don’t have time to expand further. When I can, I explain:

Graphology (i.e. handwriting analysis) has been around for almost four hundred years and the question remains, is it a science, a pseudo-science or an art? The science has demonstrated that an individual’s handwriting is unique, like their DNA¹. Scientific studies remain unclear as to whether it is possible to establish a correlation between someone’s personality and his or her handwriting. Handwriting analysis is a combination of scientific principles and the subjective interpretation of the graphologist, who can be victim of bias. As with any doctor that reads a patient’s X-ray, a handwriting analysis’s report is only as good as the impartial graphologist who does it.

As a pracademic and due to the high risk of bias, I see graphology like advertising and marketing: not entirely scientific. During the application of scientific principles for a marketing campaign or the handwriting analysis of someone, at a certain point these principles will be subject to the personal interpretations of the marketing director, or graphologist. Their interpretations and implementations will determine the success of the campaign, or analysis.

Body language is not a science. If you believe that someone’s attitude and facial expressions gives you more information about what that person is really thinking, than what he or she is saying, why don’t you believe in graphology?

Businessmen and politicians say that you can learn about a person’s personality and the way they do business by the way they play golf. Science cannot prove this myth, but if you are one of those who believes it, why don’t you believe in graphology?

Fingerprint analysis includes a degree of subjectivity, exactly like handwriting analysis. If you believe in fingerprint analysis, if you acknowledge that fingerprint analysis confirms your unique identity and does not attempt to predict your future actions, why don’t you believe in graphology?

Graphology confirms your unique personality today, not yesterday or tomorrow. It does not predict the future. If you believe that you can influence and persuade someone that you’ve known for years because you know their personality (e.g. family members or spouse), why don’t you believe that you can do the same with a stranger, as long as you know his or her personality?

Do you believe in behavioural economics? Many persuasion techniques used by salespeople and marketers are derived from behavioural economic theories. Do you believe in behavioural psychology? Graphology is a form of behavioural psychology theory:

Behavioural Economics + Behavioural Psychology = Grapho-Persuasion

Think about it for five minutes (and during that time let me get a glass of water). Still sceptical? All right, I continue....

Here are few phenomena that science still cannot explain why they work, we just accept them²:

1.Placebo effect: the placebo effect is a persuasion technique usually used by doctors and propagandists (it is not covered in this book). Why does it work?

2.Yawning: Why do we yawn? Why is it contagious? (i.e. when you see someone yawn, you tend to yawn too).

3.Female orgasm: in contrast to the male orgasm, there is no evidence that the female orgasm plays a reproductive role, so why does it exist?

Scientists are still debating these questions. If you ask, some will give you an honest silence as a response. Some will say your question is a floccinaucinihilipilification, why get a headache in trying to understand all the Whys and Hows

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