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Gentlemen's Accord

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Gentlemen's Accord

Длина: 45 стр.35 мин


When George Adams bumps into a planetary blockade, he knows he should turn around and scamper back the other way. When he recognizes the blockading buccaneer, however, he accepts an offer of safe passage. It's not foolish. George has pressing business to attend. Besides, nobody honors a promise quite like a pirate.

Richard Alan Dickson, author of "G-Blade" and "Gateway: Left Behind," presents a short adventure into the "G-Blade" universe. With a gritty cast and clever action, "Gentlemen's Accord," is sure to keep readers turning pages to the very end.

* * *

This electronic version of the story, "Gentlemen's Accord," also includes the complete first chapter of the novel, "G-Blade."