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Dead Man's Touch

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Dead Man's Touch

Автор: Kit Ehrman

Рейтинг: 3.5 из 53.5/5 (9 оценок)
Длина: 374 стр.5 ч


"Hidden away from the glittering stage of thoroughbred racing, with its flashing silks and gleaming horseflesh, is a place they call 'the backside.' In Dead Man's Touch . . . Ehrman refers to this behind-the-scenes area--where trainers, grooms, barn managers and stable hands minister around the clock to the needs of their high-strung charges--as 'a world unto itself.' Ehrman strikes a solid claim to this gritty territory with another heels-up thriller that takes up where Dick Francis left off." ~Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times.

"Dick Francis fans rejoice. America now has its own version of stories about the horse-racing world and the people populating it. Kit Ehrman has created a driven, principled character and puts him into situations where he must fight for the moral high ground. Readers who love the excitement of the race will be thrilled with the arrival of this new addition to the field of mystery fiction." ~Leslie Duran, special to the Denver Post