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Running a Good Business: Book 7: Designing Your Space

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Running a Good Business: Book 7: Designing Your Space

Автор: Claude Whitmyer

Длина: 62 стр.27 мин


Step-by-step guidance for launching your own small, micro or one-person business. For those who want to do what they love and still pay the bills. This volume is all about facility and space layout for retail stores, distribution warehouses (wholesalers) and manufacturing setups.

Resource section contains long list of books about specific business types and books focused on layout and facility design.

Table of Contents

Designing Your Space

Chapter 1: Facility Layout Design - 4 Elements and 7 Factors

Chapter 2. Retail Layout
- Product Merchandising
- Customer Access
- View of the Store
- Information and Customer Service
- In-Store Traffic Patterns
* Rectangular Floor Plan
* Diagonal Floor Plan
* Cluster Floor Plan
* Geometric Floor Plan
* Mixed Floor Plan

Chapter 3: Wholesaler Layout

Chapter 4: Manufacturing Layout
- Process versus Product Layout
* Product Layout
* Process Layout

- Design
* Retail Design
* Wholesale and Manufacturing Facilities Design
- Books that Might Contain Facility Design Advice
* Retail
* Wholesale
* Manufacturing

About the Author