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Heaven or Hell: The Choice is Yours

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Heaven or Hell: The Choice is Yours

Автор: Melody Ravert

Длина: 167 стр.1 ч


In Heave or Hell — The Choice is Yours, the author offers insight through scriptures and references to help answer questions regarding life after death.

• Is there an afterlife?
• Are Heaven and Hell real places?
• Will God allow “good” people to go to Hell?
• How can I be sure I’m going to Heaven?
• Is there really only one way to Heaven?

Whether you believe or not that Heaven and Hell exist, does not change the fact that the Bible speaks of both as real places for believers and non-believers.

A riveting read! ... thought-provoking and provides valid arguments for the existence of both these extremes. Drawing on personal experiences, like-minded research material and scripture, Ms. Ravert encourages the reader to explore these polar opposites.
— Larry Shinaberry, Deacon, Watersedge Baptist Church