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Jihad: Holy War

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Jihad: Holy War

Автор: Christoph Hoenings

Длина: 934 стр.14 ч


At first it looks like a normal export contract, when Saudi Arabia buys a number of midget submarines in Germany. The US-Authorities contribute sensitive electronic systems. Confusing is the high emphasis the - normally lethargic - Saudis lay on an extremely short delivery-time of the first boat.
In the US Department of Homeland Security, Lt. Cdr. Carl Almaddi detects that a Saudi preacher mentions the submarines in a phone call to a Koran-school in Pakistan. The school is suspected to be a nest of the Taliban.
An Israeli agent in the Saudi capital Riyadh supplies information that with the first boat, as a commemoration, an attack against an American person or institution named No. Five is planned.
It becomes obvious that whatever is envisaged, is beyond the knowledge of the Saudi political and military leadership. Homeland Security finds as only plausible explanation for No. Five, the target to be the Pentagon in Washington.
Suddenly the boat, being for tests at a shipyard in Dhahran in the Arabian Gulf, is hijacked by members of the trial crew. On board: highly conservative Muslims under the command of erratic former Pakistani naval officer Naqui ul Haq. All on board have very personal reasons to hate America. Evidently they plan a reckless suicide attack with the armed boat. Slowly, the true target becomes obvious.
American, German and Israeli experts try to prevent a military and human disaster. A desperate hunt for the small boat starts, which due to its soundlessness and size proves to be undetectable.
The first attacks executed by the boat cause already an enormous toll of human lives and material. Lt. Cdr. Almaddi realizes that ul Haq has a plan which goes far beyond the anticipations of the entire group of allied experts. The true dimension of the attack is only detected immedperfidious asymmetric submarine attack, once the aggressors are determined to sacrifice their own lives.iately before it is scheduled to happen. Suddenly, every minute counts.

Jihad describes the difficulties to avoid despite highest technological achievements a perfidious asymmetric submarine attack, once the aggressors are determined to sacrifice their own lives. The author shares with the reader his laconic view on how the unthinkable might easily become possible.