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How To Get the Most Out of Netflix

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How To Get the Most Out of Netflix

Автор: Paul Stevens

Длина: 158 стр.1 ч


Netflix is a virtual trove of entertainment. Its sheer size and endless flux of titles coming and going offers great opportunities for entertaining viewing – if you can locate the right titles, that is. How often have you sat down, and even though you know Netflix teems with content, you are basically stuck for which title to watch? This book tackles that subject head on. It’s packed with tips for optimizing your Netflix viewing experience, irrespective of what region you are in, as well as putting you in touch with other subscribers and keeping you abreast of the Netflix juggernaut. There are over 100 specific tips in this 93 page book that collectively will give you a powerful set of tools to empower and Get The Most out of your Netflix subscription.


Introduction – Choosing The Most Suitable Netflix Plan - Most In Most Out - Netflix My List – Ratings - Netflix Centric Tools - Finding Which Region a Netflix Title Is In - Netflix Blogs - Netflix Message Board - Weekly & Monthly Guides to the Best Netflix Titles - Monthly Netflix Additions and Subtractions - Adding Own Value to Netflix - Netflix Options - Netflix Help Center – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram - Take Control Of Your Data Cap - Prospecting For Titles: General - Prospecting For Titles: Lists - Prospecting For Titles: Filters - Prospecting For Titles: Taste Engines - Prospecting For Titles: Locators - Stay Informed With RSS - Netflix RSS - Adding Value with Browser Extensions - Web Extensions For Use With Netflix - Netflix Tips - Appendix: Full List of Netflix Genres - Links