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RoBBing Mind

RoBBing Mind

Автором Chuck Collins

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RoBBing Mind

Автором Chuck Collins

104 pages
1 hour
Jan 25, 2014


The Symptoms! Would you know if you had a dangerous growth in your brain? this author found out and not in a typical fashion.
Jan 25, 2014

Об авторе

Chuck Collins Operations Director, Rubber City Radio Group, Akron. Chuck began his radio career in 1972, awarded a First Class Radio Operator’s license and going to work as a transmitter and studio technician. In 1975 he was the first and only production/creative services director for M105 Rock Radio in Cleveland, later WMJI. Although much of the job it was technical, his musical training allowed him to innovate new styles of audio design. In 1988 he joined the staff of WKDD in Akron. There he won several awards for creativity including three ADDY (American Advertising Federation) awards for excellence. Chuck moved to programming in 1993, leading WKDD to a National Billboard Station of the Year Award and brought ratings success until leaving in 2001. Chuck then began writing a series of mystery-thriller novels with radio as the backdrop. His first, The Radio Murders: The Collectors was published this fall. Chuck joined WAKR and Rubber City Radio Group in 2006, becoming operations director for the group in 2008.

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RoBBing Mind - Chuck Collins

RoBBing Mind


Chuck Collins

Smashwords Edition

Other works

Mystery Novels

The Radio Murders: The Collectors

The Radio Murders: The Caller

The Radio Murders: Barbicas (2014)

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to Smashwords.com and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is dedicated to the men and women, families, professionals and scientists who work so hard to extend life and ease the suffering of brain cancer, stroke, traumatic brain injury and other things that can and do rob a mind.

The majority of the proceeds from the sale of this publication will always go toward aiding their efforts.

Copyright © 2013, by Charles L. Collins

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored, or transmitted by any means—whether auditory, graphic, mechanical, or electronic—without written permission of both publisher and author, except in the case of brief excerpts used in critical articles and reviews. Unauthorized reproduction of any part of this work is illegal and is punishable by law This is a work based on actual events and, as such, it is a product of the author’s point of view. Some of the names of characters appearing in these pages are representative of real people, though some have been changed to protect individual privacy, except for those of public figures. Any similarities of characters to real persons, whether living or dead, excepting public figures, is coincidental. Any resemblance of incidents portrayed in this book to actual events, other than those expressed through the author’s personal experience, or public events, is likewise coincidental.

This book is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The reader should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

This book is owned by Chuck Collins, Studio D Books and principally edited by Pat Fernberg with help from Lou Lange

Cover Illustration Copyright © 2013 by Chuck Collins

Cover photograph by Lenora Enking

Cover design by Chuck Collins, Studio D Books

Author photograph by James Smith.

For Monika,

I will love you always

You think you’re Iron Man, but you’re not.

~E.C. Al Collins


RoBBing Mind – Restless Machine

RoBBing Mind - Introduction

RoBBing Mind

1 - The Beginning

2 - Magnetic Personality

3 - Bringing the Pain

4 - A Study in Contrast

5 - A Fortnight With Mahesh

6 - Heading Home

7 - Fear

8 - A Moment With God

9 - Little Big Books

10- Look for the Best

11 - The Hidden Hand

12 - Spiders, Ol’ Mr. P and the Fear Hammer

13- Inelegant Exits

14 -The World’s Oldest DJ

15 – Love Fest

16 – The Verdict

17 – Labels

18 - From 12 You Get 3

19 – Cancer Stinks

20 – Hope I’m Funny

21 – Terminal Tower

22 – Bird Tree

23 – The Crystal Cave and The Sight

RoBBing Mind - To Be Continued

Acknowledgements and Thanks

About Chuck

RoBBing Mind

Restless Machine

In 2007 a 67 year old man woke in his south Arlington area home (Akron, Ohio). It was a typical Tuesday morning. He was not feeling particularly well and mumbled something about a stomach ache to his wife. He even vomited, a rare occurrence and was feeling flu-like symptoms. But Mr. K was of strong Hungarian stock and it was a workday so preparing for work was his immediate concern.

He ignored the slight blur in his vision, often closing one eye to navigate the usually heavy expressway traffic and continued to attribute the fogginess to poor food choices the night before.

Mr. K, the shift supervisor, arrived at work right on time. He was always on time. But this morning something was not quite right. Mr. K had a far-off look in his eyes and when asked about the day’s jobs he could not find the words to describe the duties on the schedule, neither could he remember any of the men’s names nor what to call coffee or the materials he used every day.

Mr. K’s alarmed coworkers called emergency services. It was quickly discovered that the otherwise healthy man had suffered a massive stoke and was only minutes away from a deadly serious neurological event. But the blockage was slow enough for the brain to continue functioning as it had day in and day out for so many years.

Mr. K’s experience is just one example of the power of the brain and it is not as rare as you might think. He was admitted to Summa Akron City hospital and through extensive treatment and rehabilitation he is now fully recovered in spite of the fact that the stroke affected critical sections of his brain.

Even under extreme stress or massive trauma there seems to be a resiliency, sometimes called a plasticity whereby the brain uses every last possible tool at its disposal to continue doing what is was designed to do: to keep us living, not just alive, but living.

In the annals and lore of law enforcement there are examples of someone with severe brain injury appearing to follow daily routines even as the rest of the body shuts down and death is eminent.

The human brain is a miracle. And that is the approach I will take in sharing these experiences with you. While there are hundreds of thousands of volumes – scholarly and otherwise - written by highly qualified scientists and others on the working of the brain, this is a personal accounting from a very intimate point of view. This is what could happen, the choices one must make, when one is faced with events that rob a mind.

RoBBing Mind


How can a good attitude, good genes and good luck help prevent a fate worse than death?

What an audacious statement! What could be a fate worse than death, and how can we possibly control such a harsh reality?

My friend Dr. Terry Gordon can tell you what a fate worse than death is, as can my long-time friend Dr. Daniel Steinberg PhD. It might be robbing a young man, Terry’s son, of all of life’s joys and leaving him imprisoned in a broken body, justifiably bitter and feeling contempt for life although clinging to it as we all might.  In his book No Storm Lasts Forever, Terry tells of his journey and the secrets hidden in plain sight for

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