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Finally Home (Kelly Watson, YA, Paranormal Mystery series)

Finally Home (Kelly Watson, YA, Paranormal Mystery series)

Автором Elysabeth Eldering

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Finally Home (Kelly Watson, YA, Paranormal Mystery series)

Автором Elysabeth Eldering

1/5 (2 оценки)
201 pages
3 hours
Jun 3, 2014


After her dad is transferred to a Podunk town, thirteen-year old Kelly Watson has to learn to adapt.  Luckily, Emma Cathcart is not only kind enough to show her around, but knows a thing or two about Kelly's family history.

As Kelly and her family settle in, Kelly finds herself drawn to an old home. She's always loved preserving old houses, but this house is like no other she's ever known. This eerie house seems to beckon her and it's all Kelly can do to resist the temptation to explore on her own.

When curiosity finally takes over, Kelly learns some surprising details. With Emma's help, secrets are unearthed and they prove to be more than Kelly could have imagined. Some secrets don't have to be lost forever.


Jun 3, 2014

Об авторе

Ms. Eldering is an award winning author. Her stories "Train of Clues", "The Proposal", "Tulip Kiss", "Butterfly Halves", and "Zombies Amuck" have placed in a variety of contests. Her story "Bride-and-Seek" was selected for the South Carolina Writers' Workshop (SCWW) anthology, the Petigru Review. Her story "Train of Clues" is the predecessor to the Junior Geography Detective Squad, 50-state, mystery, trivia series. Ms. Eldering makes her home in upper state South Carolina and loves to travel, read, cross stitch and crochet. When she's not busy working her full-time job as a medical transcriptionist or participating in virtual classroom visits, she can be found at various homeschool or book events. Working with the sixth grade class via the internet, Ms. Eldering has been given license to teach the point-of-view lessons, incorporating the fractured fairy tales. She has also done several writing workshops on writing at various homeschool conferences and school librarian conferences.

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Finally Home (Kelly Watson, YA, Paranormal Mystery series) - Elysabeth Eldering



Dedicated to my three children who have inspired many stories. Dedicated to my grandmother, who came to me in a dream and encouraged me to write this story.

Finally Home

Copyright 2011 Elysabeth Eldering

Published by Elysabeth Eldering

Cover Design by H.C.Paye




Chapter 1 – The Move

Chapter 2 – The House

Chapter 3 – The View

Chapter 4 – Getting Settled

Chapter 5 – The Challenge

Chapter 6 - Judy

Chapter 7 – Getting to Know Emma

Chapter 8 – New School

Chapter 9 – Town Meeting

Chapter 10 – The Plan

Chapter 11 – The Sleepover

Chapter 12 – Inside the House

Chapter 13 - Thwarted

Chapter 14 – The Dare

Chapter 15 – The Mirror

Chapter 16 – The Reveal


About the Author

Chapter 1 – The Move

I hate your job. I hate this car. Kelly grumbled in the backseat of the family station wagon. Why do we even have to go to some stinking town in South Carolina anyway?

Kelly, that is no way to talk to your father. Mrs. Watson looked back at Kelly with a pleading look to apologize.

Kelly knew that look all too well, the one where her mother expected her to apologize for her rude behavior. Lately, things between her father and her had been strained. Kelly was growing up and daddy was losing his baby girl. Boys had entered the picture this year; but this move was different, in the middle of a school year.

Not only was Kelly the leading lady in the school play, but Kerwin, the guy she had a crush on, was the lead male character. She even encouraged Judy, her best friend since first grade, to try out, gaining a part in the chorus. Kelly hated moving when there was so much going on in her life. With this move, she wouldn't have a chance to find out if Kerwin really liked her. Not to mention all the preparing for high school and getting ready to start on a new adventure in her life. But no, her father's company, The Moore Agency, had transferred him to some Podunk town in South Carolina, too many miles away from her best friend.

Mr. Watson just laughed it off. I know this was sudden and all for her, but it had to be done. She'll get over it

There is no reason for her rudeness, sudden move or not.

Yeah, it's kinda hard being a teen and having to leave friends and school stuff. Kelly retorted as she crossed her arms over her chest and sank into the back seat of the station wagon.

Mrs. Watson viewed Kelly in the mirror, catching her hardened look. Kelly, mind your manners and sit up, please.

Kelly rolled her eyes, reluctantly sitting up properly as best she could in the cramped vehicle.

It was just like Kelly's mom, Agatha Watson, to correct Kelly in some way. Ms. Prim and Proper. Kelly loved her mom but sometimes felt she was more strict than other mothers. Kelly's dad was the opposite. Fun loving, always smiling and as good-looking as any girl could think her father was. To Kelly, Frank Watson could do no wrong, until now. He was the guy everyone spoke about so highly, like in the movies, the boy next door, clean-cut, tall, dark and handsome, and talented too. Frank was a songwriter and loved to cut CDs of songs he wrote about Kelly and Agatha, always professing their witchy ways.

Chapter 2 – The House

When Kelly got out of the car, the first thing to catch her eye was the house across the street. It was rundown yet regal looking, like someone important lived there. Kelly tried moving forward but her feet wouldn't move; she couldn't help but stare at the house, thinking, wondering.

Kelly felt possessed, not being able to take her eyes off the house. She glanced at the tall turrets feeling as if someone were watching her. The house. Kelly wanted to run up the wide porch and peek in the windows, but she was unmoving. She said a silent prayer that this house wouldn't be one her father's company put on the schedule to tear down. If it were, she was going to have to find out the history on the house and try to stop her father.

Kelly inherited her father's love for buildings, except hers was for the old, historical ones while her father's was constructing new ones.

Kelly, you coming? her father called out.

Kelly turned towards her father, blinking, trying to figure out why she hadn't moved. In a second, she said rather stiffly, trying to get her bearings.

Mr. Watson strode up beside Kelly, What are you looking at now?

Nothing really. Just wondering if that's one of the houses you're tearing down.

Kelly, you know I won't know that until after the town meeting. Mr. Watson placed his arm across Kelly's shoulders, hugging her slightly.

Kelly shrugged off her father's arm, turned and looked him directly in the eye, Can't I sit in with you and listen?

I'll have to ask, but I seriously doubt it. Mr. Watson turned toward the car. Unpacking and getting settled were the only thoughts he had.

Why not? Kelly moved toward the car behind her father. I'm old enough to start attending the town meetings. Besides they can't say anything I've never heard before. It's not like I've never head you talking to mom about business deals and what not. Remember, Dad, you tear down buildings. I've recently discovered my ability to save some of those buildings. Some pretty cool, historical ones, if I do say so myself. Kelly snapped at her father's back.

Mr. Watson pivoted and threw up his hands in despair. Kelly, you know I can't help tearing down the buildings; it's my job, which I love. I admit I love old homes as much as you do but most of them are eyesores and don't belong any more. Towns all across the country are trying to modernize.

So, why can't I come to the town meeting with you? Just to listen, I promise. I won't make any comments at the meeting. Maybe not at the meeting, but I'll have comments to say to someone if this house is one they are wanting to tear down.

I told you I'd ask. Why can't you leave it at that? Kelly's father walked toward the car. You know most of the issues discussed are for the adults, not thirteen-year-old girls.

That's right, Dad, I'm still a kid, but I'm almost an adult. Even you have to admit I'm more mature for my age than most kids. Kelly stomped after her father, brushing past him to unload the car.

I know only too well that you are not a child anymore but have to abide by the rules of the company and town. I'll ask the mayor and town commissioner, but at this moment you need to come in so you can start setting up your room. I think you'll like this one. Mr. Watson motioned toward the sidewalk. It looks like someone is here to meet you. Mr. Watson grabbed another box and headed towards the house.

Kelly looked in the direction her father had indicated and noticed the short, chunky, smiling-like-the-cat-who-ate-the-canary, redheaded girl standing on the sidewalk, hands jammed deep in her overall pockets, looking as if she were going to jump on Kelly. She looks like trouble if ever there was a case of such. I thought Judy was trouble, but unh unh, this girl has that beat. Speaking of Judy, I have to call her to let her know we are here.

Hi there. The girl walked towards Kelly extending her right hand. I'm Emma Louise Cathcart. Friends call me Em. What's your name?

Kelly looked at this intruder with disgust, definitely not the type of girl I'd have as a friend. Kelly, she replied like she was better than Emma.

Kelly - nice name.

Kelly shrugged.

Saw you guys pull up and thought I'd welcome you to the neighborhood. Emma stepped into Kelly's personal space.

Kelly moved back a few steps, not wanting to be crowded. Do you greet everyone that moves here? Kelly asked folding her arms across her chest, not wanting to take time to make new friends right now; she couldn't take her mind off the house behind her, the one she wanted to save.

Not everyone who moves here has kids and most aren't worth greeting but you looked okay, so I figured I'd come over and meet you. Maybe you need a friend.

I don't need any friends right now. Kelly moved toward the car so she could grab some boxes.

Well, I've lived here all my life and hardly had any friends but know a lot about the town and people who live here. Can even get you some information about that house you been starin' a hole in.

I wasn't staring any hole in any old house.

Yeah you were. Emma glanced at the house and back to Kelly. I saw you looking mighty hard at that house. The McLane House.

I wasn't staring a hole in it. I was wondering about it. My dad is here to tear down some of the old rickety houses. I just had a feeling about that house and hope it's not one he has to tear down. It does look to be in good shape and shouldn't have to be torn down. If it's one of the ones scheduled to be torn down, I'm going to try to save it.

Save it? Emma raised an eyebrow. You really want to save that old spook house?

That's kind of what I do. My dad tears 'em down, and I help preserve the history and heritage of some of them. I find out everything I can about them and then prove to the town why they should keep the house.

Well there's lots of stories about the old McLane house. And I can help you find out everything you need to know if you need some help. Can even getcha inside if you want.

Get me inside? Kelly turned and stared thoughtfully at the house again. That would be a great thing to do, get into the house, but I smell trouble and her name is Emma. Kelly turned and faced Emma again. Are you kidding?

Emma shook her head.

I'd love to explore that old house. It's the first thing I saw and got chills down my spine when I laid eyes on it. I felt it pulling me.

Yeah, so we friends or not?

Okay, guess I could use a new friend. Kelly and Emma shook hands. Right now though, I need to go help my parents unload the car before I get in trouble. Kelly sauntered toward the back of the car.

When you're finished, just come next door and we can grab a bite to eat or something and I can start showing you around.

Your parents won't get upset if you just take off like that?

My dad's the mayor of this town and it being such a small place, he knows all my hangouts. He knows I can't go too far and even I have limits as to when I have to be home.

Okay, Em. I'll see you later. Kelly stacked two boxes from the cargo space of the station wagon. She turned glancing at the house once more before heading up to her bedroom.

Chapter 3 – The View

Dad was right. This room is great and would you look at that - a view across the street. Kelly placed the boxes near the closet. Before she could unpack she needed to rearrange the furniture. Whoever set up the room didn't do a very good job at it. Of course, they didn't know I would need my bed by the window to see the view of the house. Ohmygod - I bet when there's a full moon out that house will be all lit up. Dang where is my calendar? I need to know when the next full moon is.

Dad? Mom? Anyone seen my calendar? Kelly bound down the stairs and entered the kitchen seeing her mother carefully unpacking the dishes.

Kelly, you know you were responsible for all the items you needed immediately, Mrs. Watson laid a plate on top of the stack. She continued removing paper-wrapped dishes and placing in the appropriate stacks.

Mr. Watson looked up from the corner where he was adjusting the table. What's so important about your calendar when you haven't even unpacked all your boxes from the car yet?

Dad, do you know when the full moon is?

Mr. Watson shook his head.

I don't either. Mom, do you know when the next full moon is?

Mrs. Watson stood there thinking. No, Kelly. I know it should be soon. Why is the full moon so important right now?

Just had a thought about my room and the house across the street, wondering what the moon does to that old place. I really don't want to miss the full moon anyway, so I need my calendar.

It's probably still in a box that you haven't unloaded or unpacked yet, Kelly's dad lifted a box from the floor to the counter.

Yeah, okay. I'll go check again. Kelly headed back out to the car to grab some more of her boxes. Standing by the car was Emma, tapping her foot like she had been waiting all day.

Kelly plastered a smile on her face, not really wanting to deal with this pesky girl. Hey, Em. Kelly sauntered toward the car, Thought you went home for a while. I've not finished unpacking yet.

So, let me help you. We can talk while you unpack. Emma turned toward the rear of the car and reached for a box.

Kelly popped her hand away. Unh unh. Those are my personal things and I'm picky about people touching my stuff.

Emma rubbed her hand, looking dejected But, we're supposed to be friends, right?

We just met like fifteen minutes ago. You can come over when I've got my stuff arranged in my bedroom. Kelly stacked a couple of boxes, Right now, I have to find my calendar and I don't need any help unpacking my stuff.

Emma took a couple of steps back.

Don't you have something else to do besides bug new people moving in?

Emma beamed, Actually, no. Daddy's at work. My granny's in there taking a nap and doesn't care where am I. I just have to be back for supper.

So go do your chores or something and I'll come over and get you when I've finished unloading these boxes. Kelly picked up the boxes she had stacked.

Ain't got no chores. Well, got chores but mostly have them done before lunch. That's how boring this place is. Not much to do. Emma jammed her hands into her pockets.

Okay, Em. You can help carry the boxes in but you can't come in my room until I've unpacked. I've got to find my calendar first and foremost. Kelly handed Emma a couple of boxes marked living room.

What's so important about a calendar anyway? It's just a bunch of papers put together with a reminder of what day it is.

I need to know when the full moon is more than anything.

Aww, heck. Emma shook her head. Why didn't you just say so? Tonight. The full moon is tonight. Em shuffled her feet on the gravel in the driveway.

You keep track of the full moon?

Ain't got much else to do around here. Not many other kids in the neighborhood or hadn'tcha noticed?

All I've noticed is you were the only one out here to greet us. Figured you were the Noseybody of the Neighborhood and took it upon yourself to greet the new people in town.

Well, I just ain't got no one to play with or hang out with. So come on Kel...

Kelly's face went ashen.

I guess it's not okay to call you Kel?

No, I don't like it! My name is Kelly. Kelly looked toward the sky. That girl is going to be the death of me; Lord, help me.

Sorry. But anyway what I was going to say is that I ain't got nothing to do so let me help you unload your stuff so we can explore some before dinner. I promise I won't break nothin'.

"Break anything Kelly corrected, and no, sorry, not gonna happen. I'm picky about my stuff. Maybe my mom and dad

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